New Raptor Forensics Fund boosted by Tayside & Fife Raptor Study Group contribution

Last month Wild Justice launched a new fund to help support the police investigate suspected cases of wildlife crime in the UK (see here).

More specifically, the fund is being made available to support forensic analyses in cases relating to the illegal persecution of birds of prey, and especially to cover the costs of early evidence-gathering such as post mortems, x-rays etc.

Wild Justice committed £5K as a start-up and asked other organisations to contribute. This was swiftly followed by a £1K donation from the Northern England Raptor Forum (here) and another donation from a private individual who wishes to remain anonymous.

The Raptor Forensic Fund has now received another boost as the Tayside & Fife Raptor Study Group has contributed £750. Kelvin Thomson, Chair of the Tayside & Fife branch of the Scottish Raptor Study Group is quoted as follows:

We are delighted to help fund the fight against the illegal persecution of birds of prey no matter where it occurs.  Over many years, we have ourselves experienced several incidents of persecution involving birds of prey across the Tayside & Fife area. It’s a great frustration to us all that this insidious crime still persists across the UK and in making this donation we are helping law enforcement agencies to more swiftly collect and forensically analyse evidence to help bring those responsible to account”.

Wild Justice anticipates that guidelines for police officers on how to apply for funding support from the Raptor Forensics Fund will be published shortly.

If anyone else would like to contribute to this new fund, please get in touch: and enter ‘Raptor Forensic Fund’ as the subject header.

In other Wild Justice news, the group’s third crowdfunder is now fully funded – see here for details.

One thought on “New Raptor Forensics Fund boosted by Tayside & Fife Raptor Study Group contribution”

  1. A good initiative..although of course such important matters should be funded by government….but in the meantime get the job done and keep up the good work.

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