Interview with Revive campaign manager Max Wiszniewski

Following the launch of Revive’s 2021 manifesto yesterday calling for an end to driven grouse shooting in Scotland (see here), Common Weal, one of the Revive coalition members, has published an interview with Max Wiszniewski, campaign manager for Revive.

[Max Wiszniewski, Revive’s campaign manager. Photo courtesy Revive]

Going into next year’s election, [Scotland’s political] parties have to do more than show concern. They will have to commit and they will have to act“.

The interview can be read in full on Source News, Common Weal’s news analysis website here.

4 thoughts on “Interview with Revive campaign manager Max Wiszniewski”

  1. All reasonable and learned answers from Max that ticked most of the boxes for the tiny minority of folk that understand the DGS issue in detail so I’d give him a 7/10. But where on earth was the passion, the vision, the hope and the inspiration (0/10)? Imagine how Chris Packham would have answered those questions…

    For example, ‘Transformational land reform’ does not exactly roll off the tongue and is a very nebulous (same may say gobbledygook) concept for most folk and therefore not easily digested. What would a member of the public who was, say, vaguely concerned about green issues but was largely unaware of the DGS issue make of those answers? This is meant to be a manifesto launch not a scientific paper review. In other words, preaching to the converted is easy but it takes a very different approach to reach out to unaware voters who ultimately sway governments. Although I accept that Land Reform is key to just about everything in Scotland I suggest that REVIVE sticks to ‘ending grouse shooting’. Of course the trouble with even doing that, however, is – as I and others have pointed out in an earlier post – even that message has also been diluted to the point of nonsense by simultaneously calling for licensing.

    REVIVE really needs to up its game and deliver a simple, clear and passionate message if it is to convince Joe Public that doing ‘something’ about DGS is a worthy cause. If that means a new front man/woman who can ‘sell’ then I also suggest they get on with it PDQ.

    1. Stephen,

      We get it, you’re not a supporter of Revive. I’m personally looking forward to seeing your campaigning efforts in this arena, obvious expert that you are.

      And for the record, Max is a fantastic campaigner who brings drive, passion and commitment to this coalition.

      1. OK I’ll not comment on REVIVE ad their manifesto any more.

        I’ve never claimed to be an ‘expert’ so that is insulting and unfair. I’m trying to help the debate by using robust but constructive criticism as I actually care very much about seeing DGS banned. Why else would I bother my arse in responding? I was at the REVIVE meeting in Perth and I came away pretty happy having sat in a room with people who were passionate about ending DGS but, sadly, for reasons explained I’ll not be at the next meeting. Max is a good guy with undoubted integrity and I have nothing personal against him whatsoever and I wish him all the best.

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