Langholm Moor community buyout – an update

Last summer a local community got together to investigate the feasibility of buying part of Langholm Moor, to turn it from a knackered grouse moor into a nature reserve for the benefit of everyone, after the Duke of Buccleuch announced his intention to sell (see here and here).

A crowdfunder was launched to help pay for an initial feasibility study (here) (to which many RPUK blog readers contributed, thank you) and Kevin Cummings, who is leading the community buyout project, has written a couple of interesting guest blogs about the process, one for Mark Avery’s blog (here) and one for the Revive coalition (here).

Yesterday, those who contributed to the crowdfunder received an email from the project, as follows:

This is an update to the kind donors to our crowd funder. Something hopeful in these straitened times.

The feasibility study you helped fund is now complete and showed that the Langholm Initiative can sustainably manage the land and provide the significant community and environmental benefits we hoped for. It provides a hugely exciting vision, creating the ‘Tarras Valley Nature Reserve’ covering about 10,500 acres of moorland, woodland, farmland and including nearly 7 miles of the Tarras Water. 

We have a unique opportunity to create an ambitious legacy for the future. Langholm Moor, a special place with huge cultural importance and populated with some of our rarest and most beautiful wildlife, could become a community-owned nature reserve, supporting positive climate action, native woodland creation, small-scale renewable energy and sustainable business development.

You can read the details of our plans developed through the feasibility study here.

If you want to keep up to date and show support for our work you can join the Initiative.

Full membership is available to those living within DG13 and DG14 postcodes, associate membership for those living outside these areas   

Efforts are now underway to secure purchase funds, through an application to the Scottish Land Fund, and by seeking private donations in due course.


Well worth taking a look around the project website (here) and reading the summary reports, starting with this prospectus (here) and this summary of the feasibility study and business plan (here).

15 thoughts on “Langholm Moor community buyout – an update”

  1. As someone who lives close to this area, I would recommend the buyout which would be very beneficial to wildlife in that place. The present owner [Ed: this sentence deleted as libellous]

  2. Some exciting news amidst an otherwise rather depressing climate. Is there an amount they are seeking to raise at this stage (or is it commercially sensitive)?

    1. That’s what I was wondering? I would contribute but not if the sport is shooting or so-called trail hunting.

      1. Just to provide some clarity on this point as we value the contribution readers of this site have made to the project so far. The summary on the website is of both the feasibility study and business plan. The feasibiltiy study acknowledges a number of potential uses that were suggested by the community including low intensity shooting (walked up). I can confirm that the final business plan does not include the shooting of grouse in any capacity. Trial hunting is also not included in the final business plan.

        I hope that helps.

        Many thanks, Kevin Cumming (project leader for the LI)

            1. As a meat eater, I don’t (& morally can’t) object to someone shooting for food (within the law). But on a Nature Reserve? (the answers in the name)

  3. Any kind of shooting for sport/fun, has no place in a habitat managed as a nature reserve..IMO. Shooting, if deemed necessary for conservation, done by conservationists, not perhaps ‘guardians of the countryside’, though debatable, should be the only circumstances in which guns are allowed anywhere near these places.

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