Crowdfunding appeal: Justice for Hen Harriers (the appeal)

Mark Avery’s legal appeal against Natural England’s ludicrous hen harrier brood meddling scheme comes back to court in March (alongside the RSPB’s legal appeal).

Brood meddling is a pointless, costly exercise designed as a sop to the grouse shooting industry. Taking hen harrier eggs/chicks from a grouse moor, rearing them in captivity, then releasing them back in to the uplands will not stop those same hen harriers being illegally killed when they visit another grouse moor.

A bit like this one last year, caught by his leg in an illegally-set trap next to his nest, his leg almost severed. He didn’t survive, despite the best efforts of the Scottish Raptor Study Group and the Scottish SPCA.

[Photo by Ruth Tingay]

Mark has launched a crowdfunding appeal to help cover the costs of his legal appeal. Here’s what he says about it:

The target is £10,500. If you can help please visit the crowdfunder page HERE


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