Top ten most read RPUK blogs in 2019

Thanks for all your continued interest and support in 2019….it’s been another very busy year.

Here are the top ten most read RPUK blogs over the last 12 months:

  1. Young golden eagle flying around Cairngorms National Park with an illegal trap clamped to its leg (here)
  2. Two more golden eagles go ‘missing’, on the same morning, on the same Scottish grouse moor (here)
  3. Chris Packham targeted (here)
  4. Hen harrier suffers savage brutality of an illegally-set trap on a Scottish grouse moor (here)
  5. Convicted Scottish gamekeeper Alan Wilson and his litany of wildlife crimes (here)
  6. More detail emerges about SSPCA/Police Scotland raid at Millden Estate (here)
  7. Disgusting display of savagery on Yorkshire grouse moor (here)
  8. Monumentally inadequate sentence for convicted Scottish gamekeeper Alan Wilson (here)
  9. Hen harrier reintroduction to southern England: Natural England suggests persecution not an issue (here)
  10. At least 72% satellite tagged hen harriers presumed illegally killed on grouse moors (here)

The blog will reach its ten year milestone in March 2020.

Happy New Year!

10 thoughts on “Top ten most read RPUK blogs in 2019”

  1. Ruth I find it so very sad , I run a osprey / wildlife group and we do a file system , I keep all you posts in the one file , out of all the files I think it has the most posts , how very sad is that :( best wishes and thank you for all you do

  2. Thank-you so much for all your hard work. We must all do everything we can to protect our beautiful raptors. After all our pressure Yorkshire Water will now revue licenses on their land which are used for driven Grouse Shooting and all its associated Raptor Persecution. We’ll see what they do. With the latest election results I don’t hold out much hope for our Wildlife, our planet, or its people. But while I have breath in my body I will do everything I possibly can.
    I want to see Hen Harriers and other Raptors flying free and in Peace, where I live and where they should be.
    See you at the next Hen Harrier day ( if not before)
    Wishing you all good wishes for 2020 Ruth

  3. Am I alone in finding it surprising that the various blogs relating to atrocities involving Red Kites and Hen Harriers in the Nidderdale AONB don’t feature in this list? Or the infamous SNH licence to cull Ravens ‘to see what happens’?

  4. A rather depressing, but nonetheless motivating list! Thanks RPUK for your phenomenal efforts and insight over the past years(s) so have a Happy New Year and let’s hope (but not hold our breath) for a wildlife crime free 2020. Let’s hope anyway…..

  5. Thanks RPUK once again for another hard year’s work dedicated to our raptors. Dare we thhik the tide is beginning to turn, if only a little? I know I speak for all members in NERF in wishing you all the best for 2020.
    Judith Smith

  6. Whenever I receive one of RPUK’s emails my heart sinks. It means that we have so much further to go to protect our precious Birds of Prey. If it wasn’t for your organisation and others like yours that strive unceasingly to bring these crimes and obnoxious activities to our notice then we wouldn’t know. Please continue with your hard work and I just hope that all of us see the changes we want to see in 2020.

  7. Thank you for all you do in exposing the atrocities committed to facilitate the continuance of driven grouse shooting especially. Thank you for the robust science which underpins your critiques and reporting of wildlife crime. Here’s to skies full of raptors especially Hen Harriers, in harmony with a healthy natural habitat. Thank you all, together with such inspirational individuals amongst us #wewillwin

  8. I add my thanks to the above…lets never go back to the bad old days of the 1980s when I was repeatedly told by the game shooting lobby that I was exaggerating the problem of bop persecution…”that was just the old keepers set in their ways, things are much better now..!”….keep shining your light into the dark corners of our countryside..and watch the criminals scurry away.

  9. Yes, thank you for continuing to shine a spotlight on raptor persecution. Your efforts reveal so much more than the terrible crimes committed against birds of prey – they have unveiled the mind-set of a large number of people who have significant influence in the countryside and the devastating ecological and climate change impact of their management of our ‘wild’ landscapes. Well done and thank you.

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