Excellent blog on mountain hare’s new unfavourable conservation status

Further to the news on Monday (here) that the Mountain hare’s conservation status has been reclassified as being ‘unfavourable’ (largely due to this species being shot on grouse moors), the usual suspects from the grouse shooting industry have been busy tapping out their denials and fantasy counter claims.

For those who prefer an evidence-based approach, this blog (Mountain hare status downgraded to unfavourable in the UK – what does this mean?) written by Dr Hugh Webster is spot on and is highly recommended.

Meanwhile, the latest petition calling for a ban on driven grouse shooting is heading for its target of 100,000 signatures. Please sign here.

3 thoughts on “Excellent blog on mountain hare’s new unfavourable conservation status”

  1. Thanks for the link. Even though I was interested in mountain hares i struggled to see what the RSPB meant by their press release. I assume that MSPs will be the same as myself, but hope that they will expect the Scottish Government to take firmer action than has do far been the case about this matter. I hope that the government will be busy with many such environmental issues in the next few months.

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