Scottish gamekeeper pleads guilty to nine charges of wildlife crime


We understand from a journalist that Scottish gamekeeper Alan Wilson, 60, has this morning pleaded guilty to 9 of the 12 wildlife crime charges against him. Not guilty pleas were accepted on the other three.

Sentencing has apparently been deferred until 19th August for background reports.

Wilson had been accused of shooting two goshawks, four buzzards, a peregrine falcon, three badgers and an otter at Henlaw Wood, Longformacus, between March 2016 and May 2017.

He also faced charges of using a snare likely to cause partial suspension of animal or drowning, failing to produce snaring records within 21 days when requested to do so by police and no certificate for an air weapon.

We also understand he faced a charge of alleged possession of the banned poison Carbofuran.

Up until this morning Mr Wilson had pleaded not guilty.

More details to follow……

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UPDATE 23 July 2019: Convicted Scottish gamekeeper Alan Wilson and his litany of wildlife crimes (here)

UPDATE 24 July 2019: How has the game-shooting industry reacted to conviction of Scottish gamekeeper Alan Wilson? (here).

20 thoughts on “Scottish gamekeeper pleads guilty to nine charges of wildlife crime”

  1. What wouldn’t we give for a meaningful custodial sentence. Two years minimum. Take him down…….

  2. Congratulations to all the various agencies involved in bringing this case to court and building a case that couldn’t be wriggled out of. I hope that sentencing is appropriately severe given the seriousness of the charges. I would also be very interested to see if vicarious liability is applied – or will we be told this bad apple was in fact a lone wolf?

  3. From here prison looks the only option but the legal system in Scotland may differ on that we can but wait and see.

  4. Crumbs! This must be the first time a game keeper has ever broken the law! …………….NOT.

    Another entry on the long, long list.

    All fuel for the fire that is burning away their own arguments. I just hope the SNP see how hot the flames are. Fergus….. He did this on your watch.

  5. Could a custodial sentence be on the cards? Most of the charges are pretty serious so I’m not sure how even if the three not guilty pleas are accepted he can escape one. Interesting times.

  6. Vicarious liability MUST follow………

    [Ed: Wild Detection – we understand that an investigation is underway for a POTENTIAL prosecution for alleged vicarious liability, but of course this will depend on the available evidence and the strength of any defence argument. We won’t be commenting further on this until any potential court proceedings have ended].

  7. What is happening to his employer ?????

    [Ed: Oliver, we understand an investigation is underway for a POTENTIAL prosecution for alleged vicarious liability. We won’t be commenting further until proceedings conclude].

  8. The cost to wildlife by this individual will never equal his punishment. How much has it cost the public purse and those bringing the case. If he had to pay ALL costs it still would not equal his cruelty.

  9. It’s frustrating to realise that this series of wildlife crimes, committed by one gamekeeper, is merely the tip of a very large iceberg of misdemeanours carried out by paid servants and unpaid volunteers throughout the country. I find that many concerned birdwatchers and naturalists are somewhat unaware of the extent of illegal killing of specially protected species, by members of society who behave irresponsibly with little chance of being identified. As a society we should aim to get rid of the Victorian “pleasure” of killing wildlife to satisfy a warped sense of fun. It might be inevitable that some will shoot for food, but that is avoidable by relying on good farmers and eco-food outlets to provide our daily bread, and a considerable variety of foodstuff that should satisfy most tastes.

    1. its a tragedy that the game keeper did get away with slap on wrist and no vicarious liability. sends out terrible message to these sadists. in the rest of the killing fields, we have just begun, yet again, stag hunting on the Quantock , cub hunting is killing lots of fox cubs for fun and pheasant shoots are warming up , getting ready for loads of fabulous fun and filling holes with dead pheasants.
      Depressed?. who me?, 73 yrs old and all I see is killing of wildlife, trophy hunting lunatics who ought to be put in straight jackets.

  10. Excellent news, one of the 99% who give the others a bad name, he could be looking at a lengthy spell of community service going off previous sentences. Should we be looking forward to a vicarious liability case and general license restrictions cards being dealt as well?

  11. Hoo now! This story stinks! Clearly another orcastrated setup by Tingly and Pacman along with bent courts. How difficult would it be for an animal rights activist to dress up as a gamekeeper and plead guilty to these crimes simply to insure a conviction? These are the folk were dealing with. Think on and nice try!

    1. Ah…a well informed opinion…

      Meanwhile in a parallel universe…..

      A failed gamekeeper and professional consternationist admitted “There’s no excuses for what this keeper has done and he may well spend some time in her majesty’s finest hotel. He’s obviously not evolved from the days of mass killing of protected species to more enlightened days and has let a whole industry down.”

      Shame this genius didnt enlighten us – when did the age of mass killing end?

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