Andy Wightman needs our help

Our long-time friend and colleague Andy Wightman is being sued for alleged defamation.

His pursuer is claiming astronomical damages of £750,000 (plus 8% annual interest). If Andy loses the case and these damages are awarded in full, he will have to declare bankruptcy and thus stand down as a Member of the Scottish Parliament.

For someone of such integrity, who has campaigned for so long against the abuse of power, this would be the epitome of injustice. We cannot stand by and watch this happen.

Andy is crowdfunding to raise the £120,000 required to cover his judicial costs.

Please help him. Visit his crowdfunder page HERE

19 thoughts on “Andy Wightman needs our help”

  1. This is a hugely important issue. I hope not only this huge sum of money can be raised, but that some of the laws which allow such an action to proceed in the manner in which they have done so far can be later addressed by government.

  2. Sadly, Andy rather shot himself in the foot, supporting a Scottish Labour shill who made defamatory remarks about an Scottish Independence supporting blogger.

    Hundreds of people who had previously supported him – including me – thought that was quite a misjudgement, and misrepresented the Sheriff’s findings.

    I still haven’t decided whether to give anything more, and it will certainly be less than last time, if I do.

    1. Why do I get the distinct impression that you never actually supported him. I’d like to know where you pulled your numbers from, when you only speak for yourself.

      1. I feel the same. I’m now inclined to support Andy despite this, having made my point here. There’s also an issue of Second Votes for Greens. Further, I’ll hazard a guess that you’re unaware of the blogger and blog involved.

        1. Best to confirm here – I feel the same as Steve E’s viewpoint. As was widely expressed on the relevant blog.

    2. Nobody is perfect in all departments but it’s important not to lose the sight of the big picture here. The work that Andy does (and indeed the Rev. Campbell) is invaluable in shaking out the corruption in the system and building a world that is more just and equitable. If they can be shut down by people with money and access to money then no progress can ever be made.

  3. For those of us who are either new to this debacle or have forgotten about the blogs in question; as I have, is it not possible to re-run them or direct us to them? Surely there can’t be any legal objection to that in such an important case as this appears to be?

  4. Bastards. How can they justify any of this and that amount of damages? xxxxx bastards.
    Away to donate!

  5. Donated. And given Wildcat Haven a piece of my mind (swines).

    Inconceivable that an organisation supposedly having a conservation ethos can do this to someone who champions conservation!

  6. Considering what Andy Wightman has done for wildlife, in providing information on the issue of Scottish land ownership (and shenanigans), if we don’t financially support him, then we too are part of the problems with Scottish land and raptor persecution. Time to put our money where our mouths are and also time to make up our mind if we support the principles Andy has fought for (and educated many of us) over the years.

  7. Donated in 2017 and again last week. This is an organised attempt by the landowners to silence an incredibly effective critic. If you haven’t read The Poor had no lawyers, then it’s a very clear account of how we got to wherever are.

  8. Whatever the rights or wrongs of this particular case, we need to look at the bigger picture and see what positive things Andy has undoubtedly undertaken and what an invaluable part of the conservation battle his presence is. I have no qualms about chipping in again and have now done so.

  9. Very little stays permanently hidden in the internet, so anyone with a bit of tech savvy can often go ‘wayback’ and find almost any blog or website post, even if an original poster has quite rightly deleted them. Having just read those blog posts, I’ve been moved to make a small donation to his cause. This is partly because I can find nothing that I would ever interpret as being ‘defamatory’ in them, but mostly because we need to allow our MPs/MSPs to investigate and report on matters of public concern, and never to be cowed into silence by legal threats from those with money.

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