Mark Avery appeals Hen Harrier brood meddling ruling

Last week we learned that Natural England’s decision to licence hen harrier brood meddling had been ruled lawful by Mrs Justice Lang at London’s High Court (see here) following a judicial review instigated by Mark Avery and the RSPB.

Today – some excellent news – Mark Avery has decided to appeal that ruling (see here for his announcement).

We’ve yet to hear whether the RSPB will also appeal.

[UPDATE 27 March 2019: RSPB to appeal hen harrier brood meddling ruling, here]

[A breeding hen harrier as she should be – alive and unmeddled. Photo by Laurie Campbell]

3 thoughts on “Mark Avery appeals Hen Harrier brood meddling ruling”

  1. Two things strike me.
    It would rule out brood meddling this year – good
    Even if it goes ahead next year, it requires a good number of grouse moor owners to participate. Are they of a mind to let Hen Hartiers in?
    No sign that I see.

    1. Will be interesting to see if Natural England’s recently released report will affect the result.

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