Marsh harrier found illegally shot

The RSPB Investigations Team is reporting the discovery of a shot Marsh harrier.

This bird was discovered critically injured on the river bank near Barton-upon-Humber in North Lincolnshire on 9th  September 2018. A dog walker reported it to the RSPCA and it was also reported to the police. An RSPCA officer took the harrier to the East Winch Wildlife Centre near Boston where an x-ray revealed it had been shot. The bird later died from its injuries.

[Photo by RSPCA]

Humberside Police investigated but were unable to identify the criminal responsible.

If anyone has any information relating to this incident, call Humberside Police on 101 quoting crime reference number 16/115793/18.

Further details on the RSPB Investigations blog here

Marsh harriers are increasingly in the firing line, whether it’s on lowland game shooting estates (e.g. here), on land adjacent to an RSPB Reserve (e.g. here) or on upland grouse moors (e.g. here).

And let’s not forget (as several people did) the grouse shooting industry’s interest in obtaining licences to kill Marsh harriers to prevent the so-called ‘disruption’ of driven grouse shoots.

7 thoughts on “Marsh harrier found illegally shot”

  1. Maybe just one of the very few bad apples!!

    Common criminals killing with impunity on a national scale.

    When there is little or no deterant, crimes will continue.

    Keep the media pressure up, let the public see what the truth is.

    Is Britain really a country of animal lovers? Killing raptors is a shocking disgrace and shame on society.

    1. I agree Colin – it’s my birthday on 6th and with that focal point, can I remember where I was on 9th!! It’s a joke except jokes have an element of humour.

    2. We have all been remarking, ad nauseam, on that sort of delay for years. Makes no difference. The criminals have no significant fear of prosecution. The system (or whatever it could be called) for deterring, apprehending, prosecuting and, on very rare occasions sentencing, is clearly dysfunctional.

    3. Yeah. The law says we’re not allowed to put stuff on social media immediately in case it prejudices a prosecution, even though in other fields appeals and details go on social media the same day. Often it being the social media exposure that forces the powers that be into action. Yet we see these long long delays in being able to get the word out in raptor persecution cases, because of the law on not publicising things. It is crazy. You are basically forced to wait until it is forgotten about or be accused of breaking the law.

  2. There is universal outrage the Japan has started commercial whaling, and yet this country allows the elimination (and extinction) of fauna for commercial interests.

    I’m not saying two wrongs make right but this country needs to get it’s house in order before we can start lecturing conservation to other countries.

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