An idiot’s guide to hen harrier brood meddling, FAO Countryside Alliance & GWCT

Earlier this week we blogged about the Countryside Alliance and GWCT’s responses to the legal challenge against Natural England’s decision to licence hen harrier brood meddling (see here).

Both organisations struggled to understand why there should be resistance to this ludicrous plan, calling opposition from conservationists “extraordinary” and “odd“.

This idiot’s guide might help (thanks, Mr Carbo):

12 thoughts on “An idiot’s guide to hen harrier brood meddling, FAO Countryside Alliance & GWCT”

  1. Carbo that is brilliant. But sadly true, under present conditions of penalties for doing such criminal activity.


  2. illegal activity has the tacit approval of many in Parliament as long as you are rich and powerful enough and pay a high level of taxes. The massive tax income from Environmental Tourism into rural comnmunities is of course ignored, even though it is by far the greater. Also they do not wish to accept the environmental and climate damage caused by Grouse Moor management !! The balance of the accounts if each were to be compared, would be most interesting to see ?

    ‘Brood Meddling’ also in effect, approves of and condones illegality.

    We are expected to respect these people. The hypocrisy of this makes one want to puke !

  3. Gamekeepers call for all sat tagged birds to be dyed bright green or yellow. “Give us a chance to get the ID right!” , exclaimed the merry old countryman and spokesman for the SGA.

    1. Perhaps a red flashing light would help SGA at night, when their night sight batteries are low.

      Cynically, Doug

      1. Mr Carbo should start a ‘realDavidGilruth’ or ‘realAmanda’ twiiter or fb account.
        Although with second thoughts not sure we need to, with the comments they already make being funny enough.

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