Buzzard found poisoned near Mauchline, south Scotland

From Cumnock Chronicle (29 Nov 2018)


Residents in Mauchline are being warned to be on the look out after a bird of prey was found poisoned.

A member of the public discovered the buzzard, still alive but in a distressed state on land on the outskirts of the town on November 2.

Fortunately, the bird was found quickly and survived. A toxicology report has now confirmed the buzzard ingested poison.

[Buzzard, photographer unknown]

Police Scotland are concerned that this illegal activity is happening in the area and are appealing for any information that may lead to detecting the person responsible for this deliberate act.

PC Sam Briggs, Wildlife Crime Officer, said, “It is a serious concern that someone has targeted wildlife in this illegal and indiscriminate manner. If anything unusual is discovered I would advise not to touch it, but instead cover it if you can and contact the police, giving them the exact location.”

Police are working alongside partner agencies Scottish SPCA, Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture and Agricultural Officers to fully investigate the matter. Anyone with information on the illegal use of pesticides or who may has seen something suspicious, particularly in the last month or so, can call 101 and quote No: SP-20181120-2194 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


This is the sixth raptor poisoning in south Scotland this year (that we’re aware of) including four red kites and buzzards that were poisoned in Dumfries & Galloway between Jan-May this year (see here) and a poisoned peregrine found in the Pentland Hills in May this year (see here).

But there’s no need to worry. SNH is “reassured that raptor persecution is not an issue” in this region.

5 thoughts on “Buzzard found poisoned near Mauchline, south Scotland”

  1. From what I have seen on Edinburgh Green Belt, am saddened but not surprised to hear of this on the barren landscape of Mauchline moors.
    The dismissal of the suggestion there is a problem of raptor persecution in the Mauchline area reminds me of the response I got from a member of SASA staff, when I rang about another strange injection type bottle I had found that the police had sent there for analysis and said I had also previously seen a raptor lying dead near a pole I had frequently seen it perched on ). I was told they had never had reports of raptor persecution in the area impression was that because there were no incidents reported before I was not being taken seriously
    An old acquaintance in his 80’s from Mauchline, whose father had been on some sort of village council, told me previously that the reason it is such a convoluted journey from Edinburgh to Ayr is because a direct road was not allowed as it would cut through grouse moors

  2. I think someone needs to write a good folk song about these tragic incidents, to get into the souls of the perpetrators to see the error of their ways. I love gaelic music.

    1. Lucy, Hadrian’s Union have already written Persecution of the Skydancers, and will be recording it quite soon as part of their new CD Roman Graffiti. Watch this space as they say…!

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