Responses to missing hen harrier Mabel

We learned about the suspicious disappearance of satellite-tagged hen harrier Mabel on Thursday (here), the same day we learned about the suspicious disappearance of satellite-tagged hen harrier Thor (here).

As usual, we’ve been tracking the official responses of the so-called partners in the Raptor Persecution Priority Delivery Group (RPPDG), which was established in 2011 and one of its main objectives is to raise awareness of illegal raptor persecution.

Yesterday we blogged about the official statements made by ‘partners’ in response to Thor’s disappearance near a grouse moor in the Bowland AONB (here). These statements were made by the Northern England Raptor Forum (NERF), Police Supt Nick Lyall (new Chair of the RPPDG) and Amanda Anderson of the Moorland Association (although Amanda still hasn’t got around to publishing her brass necked statement on the MA website).

[Hen harrier Thor, by Steve Downing]

At the time of writing this, there are no official response statements about Thor on the websites of the other RPPDG ‘partners’ including the National Gamekeepers Organisation, Countryside Alliance and BASC. No surprises there, silence has become the norm in these situations (e.g. see here, here, here, here), even though these groups have signed up to raise awareness of this PRIORITY crime.

So how about official responses to the disappearance of hen harrier Mabel who vanished close to a grouse moor on the boundary of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and the Pennines AONB?

At the time of writing we’ve only seen one response, from NERF. It’s well worth a read (here).

As for the rest of the ‘partners’, well their continued silence speaks volumes.

5 thoughts on “Responses to missing hen harrier Mabel”

  1. I wish I could stalk these criminals, capture their sick crimes and bring them to justice without a “get out of goal free” clause.

    This outcome for our hen harriers was unfortunately predictable. The nests were well protected to keep the criminals away but now the guards have gone!!!

    Vicarious liability will not happen as long as government are extremely rich and have very rich friends with game shooting estates.


    1. The current situation cannot be laid at the door of any one party. They have all been culpable over the years. Nor will voting in a leftie or liberal outfit make a whit of difference.

      In Scotland the N party is left wing and prior to that the Labour lot held sway.
      It has been many years since Conservatives had any semblance of power. The raptors have not exactly flourished in their absence.

  2. I’m a little confused here.
    Mabel was satellite tagged by Natural England. I’m used to them staying quiet. Have they said that they will advise of loss details of their tagged birds?
    NE previously tagged birds in Langholm as well as England.
    The RSPB has listed 12 of it’s tagged Harriers with 3 missing no sign, so 25% suspicious losses so far. Thor was not in the list. All suspicious losses have been in England and Wales so far.
    I suppose the next few months may give more information.
    Although I’d like to know, I don’t suppose anyone will confirm a total number of tagged birds by species. Perhaps this may become available after a few years, once it does not give a count to those who would use it for nefarious purposes.

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