The People’s Walk for Wildlife: London, 22 Sept 2018

Sick of reading about the ongoing slaughter of birds of prey and feeling helpless to stop it?

This is the event for you!

Come along to the People’s Walk for Wildlife, hosted by Chris Packham, and join thousands of others who care passionately about what’s happening to British wildlife, whether it be raptors, mountain hares, badgers, bees, trees, foxes, fish, birds, butterflies, wildcats, water voles, dragonflies….the lot.

Why? Well watch this:

The walk will take place in London (and there’s a reason for that, which will become clearer nearer the time) and everyone is welcome to this family-friendly event.


Saturday 22 September 2018

10am: Gather at the Reformers’ Tree in Hyde Park

12pm: Infotainment

1pm: Walk

2pm: Finish at Richmond Terrace, Westminster

For further information, including logo t-shirts, hoodies, bags and downloadable posters, please visit Chris Packham’s website HERE

If you’re on Twitter follow news of this event with #PeoplesWalkforWildlife

Don’t make excuses, make plans to be there, five weeks today!

4 thoughts on “The People’s Walk for Wildlife: London, 22 Sept 2018”

  1. In my 70’s I’m ashamed that I have allowed the likes of
    Thérèse Coffey to be in charge of our environment in the u.k. My generation should a be ashamed, and I do not know why they are not all of the same mind as me. The future lies with the young, but the mess we are in at present lies with the older but not wiser generation.

    1. If more were like you – all generations – we wouldn’t be in this mess. Your petition is a cracker and getting lots of attention and support.

    2. We, the post-war generations, have, until very recently, been blinkered to the effects of our actions, I think. ‘Freedom of the Individual’ and consumerism were life-styles that gave no thought to the responsibilities and results that go hand in hand with such concepts. Everything I do now, from planting flowers for wildlife to donating to the causes, is for my grandchildren, and their grandchildren. Yes, even for the grandchildren of ‘the unenlightened opposition’, in the hope that education might ‘enlighten’ most of them in the future. Very sadly, our words still fall on voluntarily deaf ears, especially in government.

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