#Justice4Ravens fundraising merchandise now available

As mentioned yesterday, our friends at the Probable Bird Society (@YoloBirder & @Stewpottery) have created some #Justice4Ravens fundraising merchandise (t-shirt & beanie hat).

100% of profits are being donated to the SRSG crowdfunder, which is aiming to raise £25k to help cover the costs of a legal challenge against SNH’s decision to issue the raven cull licence.

These items are limited edition, only available to order for the next 7 days, and are already selling fast!

The t-shirt (available in ladies & mens design) is £13.99 and can be ordered here

The beanie hat is £10.99 and can be ordered here

If you’re interested in buying both the t-shirt and the hat, there’s a special bundle price of £21.99 and you can make your order here

Thanks a million @YoloBirder & @stewpottery and thanks to everyone who is helping to support the crowdfunding appeal.

5 thoughts on “#Justice4Ravens fundraising merchandise now available”

  1. Hi RPUK

    I assume you’ve seen the other news re ravens?


    [Ed: Yes, thanks David, we blogged about it yesterday]

  2. Nice to have you back.
    Meanwhile, motorists on the M6 were shocked to find police out in force, shooting at them!
    A police spokes person has admitted that they were trying to reduce the number of motorists with an aim to reducing road deaths in the area.

    A licence had been issued.

  3. Cant buy items dont know why

    [Ed: Hi Linda – this was a limited edition and just available for a couple of weeks]

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