Concern for the safety of one of our satellite-tagged golden eagles

Last summer, in a joint project with Chris Packham, we satellite-tagged a shedload of golden eagles in Scotland (for background project information please see here).

We haven’t blogged much about these eagles yet because they are still hanging out in their natal territories and we need to keep these locations confidential. As soon as the eagles begin to disperse, we’ll be able to share much more information.

However, one of our eagles has recently left its parents’ territory and we are deeply concerned about its safety. We are working closely with Police Scotland and will report in more detail in the very near future.

We are immensely grateful to the Police Wildlife Crime Officer leading this investigation who has been proactive, communicative and very quick to respond.

12 thoughts on “Concern for the safety of one of our satellite-tagged golden eagles”

  1. Oh my, raptors are just not safe these days. Hope this is a false alarm although it doesn’t sound like it if the police are proactive in an investigation.

  2. I hope all turns out well and you find the eagle why can’t people leave these beautiful birds alone hopefully nothing bad has happened fingers crossed for good news

  3. There is a certain inevitability to this that should surprise nobody, although at the same time it is hugely disappointing. If this bird has come to an untimely end due to criminality one can only hope that it shines a huge search light into the normally hidden and murky world of the criminals. Rather like vampires the only way to stop their nasty illegalities is for them to be in that spotlight they so want to shun each and every time they put a foot wrong. Lets give them and their apologists a metaphorical sun burn in the harsh light of day!

  4. Probably flown onto a grouse Moor and disappeared. Probably broke it’s legs on landing, before walking to the road and then ambling fifteen miles along the road with two broken legs like the last one.

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