Parliamentary recognition for award-winning Scottish Raptor Study Group members

Following last week’s excellent news that three Scottish Raptor Study Group members had won top prizes in the RSPB’s Nature of Scotland Awards (here), further congratulations are due as an MSP has lodged a motion asking the Scottish Parliament to recognise the efforts of two of these raptor conservationists.

Well done, Logan & Andrea!

5 thoughts on “Parliamentary recognition for award-winning Scottish Raptor Study Group members”

  1. This is quite simply wonderful news – congratulations and thanks for all the concerted effort on behalf of our beleaguered raptors.

    1. Well done Claire ,a Labour MSP, surprised and disappointed no response from the Greens , not surprised in the least at the stony silence from the SNP.

  2. Great news. It’s a fantastic report – crystal clear. Been using chunks as ammo against the nasty brigade infiltrating Chris Packham’s page!

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