Scottish gamekeeper charged in connection with shooting of hen harrier

scales-of-justiceCourt proceedings began at Elgin Sheriff Court yesterday against gamekeeper Stanley Gordon who has been charged in connection with the shooting of a hen harrier in June 2013.

Stanley Gordon, 60, of Cabrach, Moray, did not enter a plea and the case was continued until 16th June 2016.

13 thoughts on “Scottish gamekeeper charged in connection with shooting of hen harrier”

  1. Another Fabian tactic by our limp Justice system in Scotland. When are Scotland’s animal welfare/rights and conservation groups/organisations going to get together, and make a mighty fist in the face of our equally limp politicians, to enforce the law firmly and effectively against those who abuse or kill animals? I know there has to be a distinction between the alleviation of suffering caused by cruelty or violence, and the deliberate and illegal slaughter of wildlife, but surely, they both add up to the same thing? That “thing” is disrespect for another life form. Scotland has a glorious chance of becoming a world model for having a high respect for all Life, and to have a justice system that punishes in quick time, and commensurately with the seriousness of the crime. Here we have another member of that wonderful profession (that has given us a well-managed countryside, according to Dr Aileen McLeod), a gamekeeper, who has been given a three year respite for [Ed: original text deleted and changed to: alleged involvement in the death of a Hen Harrier]. The law, with regard to wildliife crime, has been treated as not really of great importance in the prosecution thereof. Reluctance to install CCTV cameras in slaughterhouses; the killing of seals and birds at fish farms; the persecution of any form of life that may affect grouse; the disgraceful puppy trade and bad pet ownership in general; transport of farm animals; circuses and wild animals; vivisection; harmful farm practices that endanger rare species; greater restoration of native woodland and protection of ancient woodland; blood sports not being monitored properly. All of these cry out to addressed and not shuffled to the side, using the excuse of it may cost jobs, or the Police have other things to do with their time; or people come first. Just look at the list of interests politicians in general have to boost their auras with the public, for very few show an association with an animal welfare or conservation of species cause. I would remind those who sniff at supporting such issues, that the public in Scotland is very much aware and concerned about cruelty in any form, whether to children/old folk or animals. Over time, I have had to deal with blimps in local government, who have tried to hound some poor and lonely pensioner, because they have a wee dog or cat, when the daft missive says pets are not allowed. The parcel of rogues among our politicians who are associated with vested interests, that allow animal abuse or destruction of a species in their commercial activities, should be taken out of office. They are complicit in cruelty.

    I wish the Scottish Wildlife Trust, John Muir Trust, RSPB, World Wildlife Fund, SNH and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all, would waken up and realise that for humane reasons, we have to finally deal with the hegemony that has mis-managed the Scottish landscape for centuries. The only front against the criminals has been the animal welfare people with their wee stalls in city and town streets, and who do not get blown up salaries as some charity executives get paid. The Green Party has shown its presence on the side of wanting answers to questions on wildlife persecution, that the SNP succeeded in not answering in their last period in office. We can never win the battle to save Birds of Prey and Mountain Hares, if we do insist on all the organisations mentioned above, having a statement in the constitutions, declaring their opposition to inhumane practice. Too often, they descend into the enemy camp by hiring gamekeepes to do perform species eradication on their reserves. The enemies are those who kill wildlife illegally, and who perform acts of cruelty, with snares, traps and poison, along with their sponsors and supporters in public office, who ensure the slow passage of the law being enforced, and with minor sentencs given.

  2. For information rather than publication, though I assume you’ll be aware of it already. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    [Ed: Yes, thanks Dave, well aware. Can’t publish it at this stage but will become relevant if accused is convicted]

  3. Well said, Mr. Greer Hart, senior.

    Our group would hope the following extends beyond Scotland :

    “When are Scotland’s animal welfare/rights and conservation groups/organisations going to get together, and make a mighty fist in the face of our equally limp politicians, to enforce the law firmly and effectively against those who abuse or kill animals? … ”

    It is indeed true that at the root of all these abuses, perpetrated on wild, domesticated and companion animals, is ” disrespect for another life form. “

  4. Curious to know why it has taken almost 3 years to get to court ? I am sure it will be disclosed in due time. One good thing is that penalties have increased since the alleged offence.

    [Ed: Thanks for your long comment. As you’ll see, we’ve chosen not to publish most of it. Not because you said anything defamatory or in contempt of court, but because we’re being extra cautious with this case. We don’t want to risk publishing anything that could potentially be used to have the case dismissed. Everything you said is pertinent but is better discussed once legal proceedings have ended. Hope you understand. Re: increase of penalties – we understand they have not yet been increased (awaiting action from Roseanna Cunningham on the recommendations made in the Wildlife Crime Penalties Review Report) and if recommendations are taken forward, highly unlikely to be applied retrospectively].

  5. Absolutely no problem, and my apologies. I will comment after proceedings, must learn restraint :)

  6. [Ed: Thanks for your comment nirofo, we’ve chosen not to publish it for the same reason cited above. Best leave this sort of commentary until legal proceedings have ended]

  7. Well said Mr. Hart. The malign hegemony which courses through our system to deny justice and fair play to all but those with money and their lackeys is a disgrace. The fact that they can afford to make and distribute propaganda video’s throughout the social media which paint a very sanitised snapshot of the reality. The Conservation bodies, often infiltrated at a high level by closet blood sport sympathisers, shy away from making video’s which show the reality of blood sports and their aftermath. Why isn’t their more material available that illustrates the true paucity of our landscape due to these intensive hunting oriented management practises and compare it to what is possible? Statistics are fine but do little to convey the reality other than to those already dedicated to change.

  8. Please feel free to share my cartoon.I hope you received it.I am not good with computers so I am assuming it arrived. Having seen the one with a Raven carrying off a polar bear I was inspired to do one relating to the Angus Glens and Bert Burnett , spokesman for SGA.

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