Hen Harrier Day 2016 (Sunday 7th August)


Hen Harrier Day returns for its third year and this time takes place on Sunday 7th August 2016.

Some campaigners are already at an advanced planning stage and have confirmed that Hen Harrier Day events will take place in Dorset, Lancashire and on the Isle of Mull. Other groups are in the early preparation stages and anticipate announcing their venues in the near future.

To keep up to date with the news and to find an event near you, please bookmark the Hen Harrier Day website (here), coordinated by the fine folk at Birders Against Wildlife Crime (BAWC). If you’re planning to hold your own event and you want it listed on the Hen Harrier Day website, please contact phil@birdersagainst.org

BAWC has also been busy producing a new range of Hen Harrier Day merchandise, including a massive array of t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and, we’re told, much more to come! If you want to show your support for Hen Harrier Day, and by doing so help raise awareness and contribute vital funds to the campaign, please visit BAWC’s online shop here.

Remember, this is a grassroots campaign, organised entirely by volunteers, and relies on (extra)ordinary people like YOU getting involved in whatever way you can. Please show your support.

The e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting has passed 15,000 signatures in 14 days. If you’d like to sign, please click HERE.

4 thoughts on “Hen Harrier Day 2016 (Sunday 7th August)”

  1. Can I ask participants to consider focusing “on following the money” ie how much public subsidy is ploughed into grouse moors either individually or nationally. I have repeatedly asked RSPB, the Wildlife Trusts and FoE to integrate campaigns such as bees, cuckoos or whatever with “Who gets What”. I speak as the author or the Socialist Env. Resources Ass. Right to Know motion that in 1998 lead to the Defra file that New Labour created re the Right to Know on CAP subsidies. It has sat largely unused by the charities when surely a basic level of public accountability is that our taxes are used for the benefit of wildlife and not the breaking of wildlife laws; this has to operate surely at a local and national level ?

  2. Hi Peter

    There’s an old saying to defeat an enemy you must cut off its supplies, it is still true. Please anyone here correct me if I am wrong but as I see it subsidies are given based on how much land is in use agriculturally and not on what is produced, therefore someone with a few hundred sheep on thousands of acres of Grouse Moors can claim on average in Scotland £250k worth of subsidies while a dairy farmer with only a couple of thousand acres gets bugger all and is reduced to taking milk off supermarket shelves because they cant even get a fair price for it, Pig farmers, family businesses that have been passed on through generations are shutting up because they cant afford to feed their livestock! We know the Dairy and Pig farmers are having a tough time and cant get subsidies, but the Grouse Moors are also claiming to run at a loss despite these huge subsidies, despite employing record numbers of gamekeepers in recent years that are turning up on unkeepered estates and providing free pest control and despite riding across the Cairngorm mountains in the latest snow mobiles and 4×4’s and blasting hell out of anything that could upset a Red Grouse or its lifestyle and despite having to pay for accountants to move their profits into non EU accounts so they dont have to pay tax back to help the people who gave them the subsidies in the first place
    Why doesn’t the RSPB do anything? Why does the NFU do anything? Because the RPB and the leaders of the NFU are all substantial land owners, it benefits them to keep quiet, as I said please correct me if I’m wrong and educate me, this seems like deep politics to me, Is this why the Invisable woman is keeping a low profile?
    Circusmaxim I only just got the Dr Dolittle jibe, I,m so Slooooow, brilliant mate. Doh!

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