More raptor persecution in North Yorkshire

Over the last few years North Yorkshire has emerged as one of the worst raptor persecution hot spots in the UK (see here). It’s a county where much of the landscape is dominated by grouse moors, particularly in the two National Parks: the North York Moors NP and the Yorkshire Dales NP, as well as a large number of pheasant and partridge shoots.

It’s only March and already this year there’s been an illegally shot red kite and a suspected illegally spring-trapped buzzard.

The critically-injured buzzard was found in February at Wykeham, North Yorkshire. It had a broken, crushed ankle and a broken thigh bone; injuries consistent with being caught in a spring trap, says local Police Wildlife Crime Officer Graham Bilton. Local expert raptor and wildlife rehabilitator Jean Thorpe was once again called to the scene to assist but the buzzard’s injuries were considered too serious and it was euthanised by a vet. Article in Yorkshire Post here. Anyone with information please call Police WCO Graham Bilton on 101.

Photographs of the buzzard by Jean Thorpe:

buzzard spring trapped Jean Thorpe Feb 2016

buzzard spring trapped Jean Thorpe Feb 2016 b

Yesterday, Jean posted the following photographs showing an injured red kite that had been found at Low Marishes, Malton. An x-ray revealed it had been shot. This kite is currently being cared for but whether it survives remains to be seen. Anyone with information please call Police WCO Jez Walmsley on 101.

Red kite shot March 2016 Jean Thorpe

Red kite shot March 2016 Jean Thorpe 2

Jean Thorpe (pictured above with the shot red kite) runs Ryedale Wildlife Rehabilitation. She works closely with the RSPB and local Police Wildlife Crime Officers and has her work cut out, living where she does. In 2014 she was awarded an MBE for her tireless voluntary work. If you’d like to make a donation towards her efforts, please click here.

The e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting can be found HERE.

7 thoughts on “More raptor persecution in North Yorkshire”

  1. Just a thought: perhaps incompatible to accept an establishment gong when it’s a by-product of upper class ‘pastimes’ causing such injuries and deaths to wildlife.

  2. Jean’s award was not just for receiving the by-products of upper class pastimes. Click on her site (above) and you will see details of some of her work. The country would be a lot poorer if it were no for people like her. I’m sure I would be more than a little upset if I saw your comment ian and I were her.

  3. Must disagree with you Ian. I am not a fan of establishment gongs, but the fact that they are awarded to people such as Jean Thomas shows there is some appreciation in the establishment of the gross behaviour of some of the establishment.

  4. How much more we going to hear about!! Red Kites eat road kills and other stuff, its so frustrating when there is people who love to see raptors.

  5. These ‘guardians’ of the countryside are a cruel, vindictive, barbaric and bloodthirsty bunch of scum.

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