Peregrine shot dead at edge of grouse moor

A peregrine falcon has been found shot dead in County Durham.

It was discovered on the south east edge of Stang Forest on 23rd August 2015. A post mortem revealed it had been shot.

Stang Forest shot perg - Copy

It’s interesting to look at the land management around Stang Forest. Google maps shows it’s almost entirely surrounded by grouse moors. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody, especially when we recently learned that peregrines are being wiped out on grouse moors across the UK (see here and here).

Durham Constabulary are appealing for information, four months later.

Article on Rare Bird Alert here

Stang Forest - Copy

10 thoughts on “Peregrine shot dead at edge of grouse moor”

  1. Do you think it must have shot but not instantly killed? But able to fly away enough to get out of sight of the shooter? Or why wouldn’t the shooter have hidden the evidence?

    1. Rare Bird Alert article says: ‘The bird had suffered severe blood loss and it most likely died in close proximity to where it had sustained the gunshot wounds’.

      If it was shot on the moor it may have been able to travel downhill a fair distance before reaching the forest.

    2. Even if the falcon had been seen falling into the forest it could have been difficult to find quickly. Far less risk to walk away than to have been found searching in proximity to a shot falcon.

  2. Four months ago? In other words just before the Inglorious Twelfth, when the keepers are out killing as much “vermin” as they can before the ever so caring paying customers arrive on the moors. You’d think we could appeal to the shooters’ sense of fairness but let’s face it, they don’t have one. Have we ever seen a convincing plea from shooters for these crimes to stop? No. Their desire to kill outweighs any sense of decency they might possess. And I’ve never believed any shooter coming away with their usual self deluding guff about how they are conservationists at heart. They are killers at heart, and that’s it.

  3. I’m only surprised the police aren’t asking for information about the whereabouts of Lord Lucan and Dr Crippen!

  4. They just wont leave them alone will they, theres far too many idiots with guns, WOODCOCK !!! WOODCOCK!! boom boom boom bb boom, got it, youve got it, f big man you, they wont even think its traveled across the Seas to get here, theres only about 4oz of meat on it .

  5. Come on show yourself you piece of scum ( stupid cowardly unrepentant maggot) Lets hope one day you get what you deserve.And don’t give it ” I was only doing my job ” am sure you get some kind of perverse kick out of killing animals that can’t defend themselves,you and your family must be right proud of yourselves knowing that your assisting to wipe out protected species,for what,so that some sickos can blast other defenceless animals from the sky so they can have a bit of fun and your organ grinders can get their money. SAD !!!

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