Crowd out the wildlife criminals: appeal fund launched

Rare Bird Alert is the UK’s longest running instant bird news service. But more than that, this company has also become a strong ally in the campaign to raise public awareness of raptor persecution.

Following the news a few days ago that a red footed falcon, a scarce visitor to the UK, had been found shot dead in Cambridgeshire (see here), the team at Rare Bird Alert has launched a crowdfunding appeal to help boost the £1,000 reward on offer from the RSPB for information which leads to the conviction of the person responsible for killing this bird. It is hoped that a larger reward will encourage anyone with information to come forward, but the intention is also to send a strong message that people want to see an end to illegal raptor persecution.

If the reward is not claimed, Rare Bird Alert will donate the full amount raised to Birders Against Wildlife Crime – a voluntary group set up two years ago and who organise events such as Hen Harrier Day and the Eyes in the Field Wildlife Crime Conferences.

If you’d like to pledge your support, please visit the donations page HERE

Thank you.

red-footed-falcon_shot Sept 2015


3 thoughts on “Crowd out the wildlife criminals: appeal fund launched”

  1. Already signed:
    I wonder what happened to the £30,000 that was donated by the public and others as a reward for information for the Muir of Ord Red Kite poisoning scandal, it was supposed to be held back by the RSPB for future use in similar circumstances, surely some of that could be offered up towards a reward as well as further public donations for this recent circumstance !!!

    1. That reward fund won’t be released to the RSPB until Police Scotland say the case has closed. As the Police are still pretending that this case might yet be solved, it looks like we’ll have to wait for the full three years to pass (until the case becomes time barred) before the money will be released. Disgraceful.

      1. It’s fairly obvious by now that the police have no intention of apprehending the villain of the Red Kite poisoning scandal, even though they know who it is and they know we know who it is. So, as you say it looks like we’ll have to wait the full 3 years, it’s extremely disgraceful.

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