SNH to investigate deployment of gas guns on grouse moors

Bird scarer 1 - CopyOn Wednesday last week (4th September) we encouraged blog readers to contact SNH and Natural England to ask whether they would provide guidance on the lawfulness of deploying gas gun bird scarers on grouse moors (see here).

SNH responded quickly (9th September) with the following statement:

SNH will soon be publishing a review of sustainable moorland management written on behalf of the SNH Scientific Advisory Committee, and a formal response to that report.  Although not raised in the preparation of the review report the issue of gas guns has since been raised.  We will be investigating the deployment of these scaring devices with regard to the law, and specifically with regard to recent guidance we have issued on Schedule A1 and 1A species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981: here.  Depending on our investigations we may provide further guidance, as we did in June this year in relation to helicopter flights: here.

SNH’s prompt and positive response is welcomed. Now we just have to monitor the situation and ensure they follow up on their commitment.

Natural England has yet to respond.

8 thoughts on “SNH to investigate deployment of gas guns on grouse moors”

  1. Fiver says they end up either rubber stamping their use outright, or couch the “guidance” in so much weaselese that it amounts to a go-ahead anyway.

  2. What’s a “review”? An evaluation of what is good and bad? Surely we know that already. We need binding rules on the limits of sustainable management….. actually we don’t need them, the moor lands need them.

  3. sorry to be a cynic but I bet they are quaking in their boots. Leadhills has a dreadful record and some us can rmember when it was searched by over 100 police officers assisted by various government agencies.

    Given SNH track record on these types of issues they are likely to pay them not to use them and when they take the money and continue to use them ,SNH will give them more money………

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