Henry’s Tour day 53: Occupy the butts!

Friday 26 June 2015  Copy

Occupy the butts!

Go to a grouse moor, find a grouse butt, take a photograph of yourself occupying the butt, send in the photograph to this website.

Finding one of these butts is easy – you don’t have to walk for miles across the moors – a lot of them are right there by the roadside. Grouse butts are normally marked on OS maps at 1:25000 scale. Try http://www.streetmap.co.uk and zoom in on your favourite moor.

It’s not illegal to stand in a grouse butt and take a photograph, as long as you are not damaging it nor interfering with ‘lawful activity’ (i.e. disrupting a driven grouse shoot). We’d encourage you to visit a grouse butt at any time between now and Hen Harrier Day (Sun 9th August) – just over 6 weeks away – before the shooting starts on 12th August.

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