Henry’s Tour day 37: meeting a revolutionist

Weds 3rd June Copy

Andy Wightman is a class act. He’s an agitator, a truth-seeker and a fearless revolutionist, but achieves this with a charm and courteousness not often associated with anarchists. Combine that with his capacity for meticulous research and analysis and the result is devastating.

If you want to broaden your understanding of the framework within which illegal raptor persecution takes place in Scotland, reading Andy’s blog is the obvious starting point. If you want to know who owns Scotland you should subscribe to this. If you want to know how they got Scotland, you should read this.

3 thoughts on “Henry’s Tour day 37: meeting a revolutionist”

  1. We have all the information, and we have a large number of voices from the conservationist part of our population. We have four major wildlife and habitat/landscape/woodland conservation organisations operating in Scotland, plus the SSPCA. There are charities also operating offices in Scotland concerned about plants, bugs, butterflies/moths, badgers, bats, wildcats etc. Yet, we do not seem to be have much progress being made to have a solution to those practising wildlife crime and environmental damage.

    What we need is a coming together to show politicians, Police, Prosecuting Service, Judiciary and others involved in the rule of law in our countryside, that we have a massive public backing for an appraisal of those “managing” the land of Scotland, and the consequent lack of biodiversity due to this management, through the suppression of life forms being declared “vermin” by the owners. Andy Wightman and other stalwarts, have done sterling work in providing the cause of changing this situation, with well researched information.

    The grip/grasp on large areas of Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England can be traced back to the Norman dynamic expansion into those territories, either by invitation as in Scotland or as outright conquest elsewhere. TV is currently showing a series of programmes on this very subject, with the ringing in the lands of Wales and Ireland with huge castles setting a sort of Apartheid with the natives being subordinated. In Scotland, they came in land managers, and even some of our “clans” their names. What is pertinent to this comment is that they installed a hunting system that has survived to this day as the blood sports of hunting with hounds and the evolution of the mass killing of game birds. Later, as the lineages began to be unable to sustain their estates, the nouveau riche came on the scene to marry into such aristocratic families, or to buy up hunting estates as we see today. Is it not time for a reclamation of our respective lands, and to expose the nonsense propaganda long perpettrated on a gullible public, that these shooting sorts with their gamekeepers, have us our beautiful countryside. O no they have not to the informed and educated eyes! They have given us a desert along with those who have over stocked with sheep and Red Deer.

    However, are those who have jumped on the political bandwagon, really got the knowledge and inspiration to effect the changes needed to save our wildlife, native woodland and marine environment? We need a plan to be put into effect which would involve our communities and young people, to become involved in a revitalisation of our countryside, and to sweep aside the specious platitudes that killing birds and animals for sport creates jobs and saves rural communities. In a very moderate way they do create low paid and seasonal activities, but what is needed is a new scientific and economic way of restoring our land to let the whole population decide, and not a few people who want to maintain the status quo. Such a new system would welcome those estate owners and farmers who would work within the boundaries of obeying the law that protects Birds of Prey and other wildlife. There is room for all sorts of activities, but in a more humane and less selfish way. A monitoring system would oversea those involved in enforcing the law with regard to these matters, and thereby ensure the rule of law in all the nooks and crannies of our present mismanaged landscape.

    Thanks to Raptor Persecution Scotland, we have an outspoken forum for those who want change and who want justice.

  2. All I would add to that masterful summary is that many shooting estates in the modern era exist because of the moneyed “wannabes” aping the practices and “culture” of the remnants of landowning aristocracy.Never underestimate the power of tradition in keeping persecution/vermin control going….a lot of keepers/beaters/hunt supporters/politicians/shooters buy into that nonsense too….and everyone should read “The Poor Had No Lawyers”..

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