They forgot the birds 2

Perhaps this is why landowners and gamekeepers don’t like secret cameras. And this from an industry that is lobbying for licences to kill buzzards because they might eat a few pheasants!

Dumped pheasants Polesdon

Excellent work by investigators from the League Against Cruel Sports.

Full details of where these dumped carcasses were found here.

They Forgot the Birds 1 here

11 thoughts on “They forgot the birds 2”

  1. During our field research Onekind animal charity often comes across such sites. These are usually in the form of a stink pit where the dumped carcasses of animals are surrounded by a wall of branches with gaps in which is where snares are set. Over the years the bait found and recorded in these traps have included grouse, pheasant, geese, cats, deer, sheep, foxes, crows, magpies, jays, fish and crabs. During the summer, when these gruesome discoveries can be made, there can be literally thousands of maggots eating away at the bait, which of course could be a problem for the local sheep in the area. Countryside management?

  2. Just in the past few weeks, there was some discussion on the Borders Bird News Yahoo Group regarding Pheasant carcases being dumped in the River Tweed.

  3. I once found a cage about six foot deep filled to overflowing with the burnt carcasses of Pheasants in the Forest of Bowland. I won’t say where exactly,no point in that anyway, but in a hidden corner as someone must have thought. But nothing like this surprise me here anymore, it’s just another part of this sickening industry.

    1. You’re right, it is a sickening industry, but only to non-shooters. Your average killer doesn’t think it’s sickening. He can look at photos like the above and see absolutely nothing wrong with it. He can tuck into his pheasant or grouse dinner, leaving the pellets at the side of the plate, and not give a single thought for the birds and animals that have been destroyed in the process, including snared foxes and shot hen harriers. They’re not in denial, they just don’t care. In much the same way as when you or I can look at some geese flying over and think how wonderful they are, a shooter will look at them and think nothing more than how he could bring some of them down. Are they low enough? Where would I point my gun and when would I pull my trigger? It’s a mindset they have and the industry caters for the sector of the population that has that mindset. It’s linked to a lack of compassion and so we’ll only ever see a tiny percentage of killers voluntarily changing their ways. The compassionate majority of the population will have to force it on them or not much will change.

  4. Well they are absolute idiots, you wouldnt pour the best port down the sink, such good food going to waste, they could give them away if not sold, plenty of people would like to eat pheasant, I could see a mallards head and a full roe deer, and red legged partridge, crazy fools, duh. It is possible that these birds were too hard hit for selling or using for cooking, the rest were probably used, but some of them looked alright to me, crackers.
    They would have made good crow trap bait.

  5. The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation should “Hang its head in Shame, after posting this on their website, on Friday!

    “The charges related to the quality of the water and the shelter provided for decoy birds in a cage trap during April 2014.”
    … but in this piece they were not even trying to deny the charges against this Keeper, simply bragging that [the case was dropped] on a technicality after he, Mr Sleightholm, was represented by ~ “leading country sports barrister Peter Glenser, and specialist solicitor, Tim Ryan!

    I wonder how the Judge thinks the RSPB, or anyone else, is going to obtain suitable evidence in cases like this, on Private Property.
    It looks like ye olde Catch 22 rears its ugly head again! :-(

    So once again, it looks like the wealthy people behind the offenders, as in so many of these cases, have thrown their money around to ensure that one of their own doesn’t face the Law.
    The sooner that Vicarious Liability is introduced into the English system, the better!


  6. It just goes to show that anyone, including gamekeepers and even murderers can and do get away with breaking the law if they have the funds to employ top barristers and lawyers to search out loopholes and technicalities to fight their case

      1. There’s no denying that, but there’s also no denying it pays to have well heeled backing when you break the law so habitually.

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