Ross-shire Massacre: MSP calls for review of police investigation

As the Ross-shire Massacre fiasco rolls into its eighth month, one MSP is making a stand.

Dave Thompson MSP (SNP: Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch) has called on Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill to undertake a review in to the police handling of this investigation. Well done, that man!

The police investigation into one of the most high profile mass raptor poisoning crimes in decades has blundered along for far too long and is fully deserving of public scrutiny, as is the accompanying police media strategy. Rather than providing clear and timely information, their strategy has been to release a series of untimely, misleading and willfully ambiguous statements that have done anything but inform. Indeed, these statements have simply led to more and more outlandish speculation and a growing sense of frustration and anger. Given how keen Police Scotland are on “public accountability” (e.g. see here), they’ll no doubt welcome a review of their handling of this case.

Dave Thompson MSP is a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment (RACCE) Committee, who recently heard evidence from two senior Police Scotland representatives about the Ross-shire Massacre (see here). It seems he was as unimpressed with their answers as we were.

He said: “It would be useful if a full review of the investigation process was carried out. It would go a long way to allaying any fears the general public may have but also, in the interests of transparency, such a review would take away any lingering confusion about how these great birds of prey met their demise.

This is why I have written to Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill to request that a review of the investigation process takes place and why I will be making sure the Lord Advocate is copied into any correspondence on the matter“.

Dave Thompson MSP formally opening the Tollie Red Kite feeding station in 2012, assisted by Alex Matheson (Brahan Estate) and George Campbell (RSPB Regional Director). [RSPB Scotland photo]

Dave Thompson MSP


15 thoughts on “Ross-shire Massacre: MSP calls for review of police investigation”

  1. well done sir. it is only by the actions of people such as yourself actually standing up and demanding answers that will eventually lead to these crimes being brought under control. rather than being brushed under the carpet

  2. If this disgusting crime has at least [at long last!!] opened the eyes of our MSPs to the shambles called wildlife crime investigations in Scotland, particularly the part played by the police in recent years, then it hasnt been completely in vain. Now lets see them actually do something about it.

  3. Well done that man, I wonder if he has the full backing of the Scottish Environment Minister, Mr Paul Wheelhouse ???

  4. Well done to my own MSP Dave Thompson, the vast majority of your constituents along with the overwhelming Scottish population are behind you.

  5. David Thompson, I salute you. At last a man with enough courage to face-up to the ‘in-crowd’, including their bumbling mouthpieces and shields, Police Scotland. Now let us see whether Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill is of the same calibre. Nirofo – Paul who?!!!

  6. I’d like to echo the sentiments expressed on here. Could do with more folks like that South of the Border too when it comes to holding the law accountable for its approach to such matters

  7. No Nirofo, I just meant he is apparently a toothless puppet who makes all sorts of promises but keeps none of them – or am I doing him an injustice? Jimmy – I couldn’t agree more, and until this happens we will still be riding our bikes uphill I’m afraid.

    1. Thanks for the extra info Tony, you had me wondering if we were talking about the same talk the talk but do nowt MSP.

  8. just an update to this, Shooting Times are now reporting this matter to their readers as an accident because of the Police Scotland press release, shameless, absolutely shameless

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