RSPB publish last known positions of hen harriers Sky & Hope

Last month, we learned that two of this year’s English hen harrier chicks, Sky & Hope, had ‘disappeared’ in suspicious circumstances, just a few weeks after fledging (see here).

The RSPB has now published their last known locations in Bowland, Lancashire, accompanied by a plea for information about what happened to these two young harriers.

How refreshing to see the actual locations mapped out and made available in the public domain – Natural England, take note!

Here is the map.  The final satellite tag transmissions of Hope and Sky are somewhere inside these red circles. For further details of these sites and the dates of the last tag transmissions, please read the RSPB’s Skydancer blog here.

Sky & Hope buffer


5 thoughts on “RSPB publish last known positions of hen harriers Sky & Hope”

  1. Notice the shooting box and that road (nearby the box) is solely for Grouse shooting. I walk here regularly.

    1. What the hell does that mean, . I don’t know what the answer is to these harrier killers, you can forget about general licence removal, no ones going to police that, they will just say 2 words to it and the last one ends in off,, fines, well money is no problem no object, loads of money, what is the maximum fine ? I don’t know, but the owners could easily pay any fine off, it wouldn’t even be the cost of 1 let day on the moor.
      Jail ? well I very much doubt it, prisons are already full, and then the hardest thing is to actually witness a murder. Very very sad frustrating situation. sick of it.

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