Hello, Westminster!

WestminsterIt seems that somebody in Westminster is spending a lot of time reading this blog. An awful lot of time, actually.

Take a look at the stats from our ClustrMap – this is an app that keeps track of where our site visitors are coming from. It shows a breakdown of all the countries, and then within each country it shows which cities/areas our visitors have logged in from.

The UK visitor stats show 154,070 visits between 14th September 2013 to date. Of those, 48,609 visits have come from Westminster. That accounts for almost almost one third of all UK-based visits in the last ten months.

It’s in sharp contrast to the number of visits from Orkney (3)!

Hmm, can’t think why anyone in Westminster would be so interested, unless of course they have a vested interest in what happens on driven grouse moors in northern England and Scotland….

28 thoughts on “Hello, Westminster!”

  1. They have probably got you marked down as an extremist (basically you’re a terrorist in the eyes of the establishment). I bet the the info for Cheltenham is not registered ;)

    1. Thats interesting, I did a blog on the badger cull in April 2013, brought about 50 hits over the year. In March of this year the hits went up to more than a thousand a week and now stand at over 60,000 for one blog. I wonder if they are coming from Westminster too.

    2. I was going to post something similar, and all those that are opposed to the illegal activities relating to driven game shooting, are probably considered to be in the extremist camp as well. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if falsified records against each of us hasn’t happened already.

      So yes, hello to Westminster, the most corrupt government in the world!

    1. I thought the use of poisonous substances for pest control was strictly regulated, oh, I forgot, it’s the government, they’re above all that. AREN’T THEY ???

  2. That figure is so disproportionate that it must be some kind of surveillance machine. Which will, of course, be also now tracking responders to your posts. It is astonishing, that a blog set up to highlight and campaign against an illegal activity should be deemed subversive.

    I’d like to see the tracking figures for a blog set up to campaign for the reversal of the ban on foxhunting.

  3. I agree with Drew – you will be being monitored, as we all were during last year’s badger cull. If you speak out for wildlife, Westminster think you are in an extremist “minority”. Another “green blob”, tree hugger who doesn’t work or fit into society, and you will be watched as you are a potential trouble causer. Unfortunately, the spectrum is now black and white. Pro or Anti. There’s no inbetween in the eyes of MPs.

  4. Very interesting, I wouldn’t mind seeing what the stats are for other countries, particularly the U.S., any chance RPS?

    1. Hi Chris,

      If you click on the ClustrMap image (see the right-hand panel on the blog’s home page) it will open up the stats page and you can see all the countries listed. Click on a country to see the finer details.

  5. Terrorist? Why because we want to stop criminals? But of course they are not criminals, they are protecting, gun fodder, oops! delicate grouse from evil predators. Hummm! Come on Westminster get your buddies to abide by the laws of this land or suffer the consequences. Fines are no deterrent because it’s chicken feed (or should that be grouse feed?) to the obscenely rich. Jail the bu….. and stop their subsidies. As a government you are willing to penalise poor people but not the rich.

    1. That’s it in a nutshell, Douglas. Simply because this site highlights the widespread criminal activity being carried out by the estate owners and their lackeys, and because the rest of us that are against the illegalities and will try and campaign to end it, we will be seen as an extremist element by the filth running the UK. There is no place in this government (or previous unionist governments, for that matter), for common decency or social justice. Their main interest is ensuring that the gravy train remains firmly on the tracks, and the lies and duplicity that emanates from Westminster is astonishing, further propagated by the pro-union mainstream media.

      [Ed: Thanks, Marco – the majority of your comment was deleted as it was way off topic, as you acknowledged!]

  6. ..and hello from me too!…dont forget that whoever is monitoring this blog is also monitoring the comments…a reminder that we should always keep our comments as factual and non-libellous as possible – but make sure that the real anger, frustration and contempt for the criminals in our countryside [and for those pulling the strings in Westminster] gets through..

  7. Let’s hope that if they are taking this much interest in this blog and others like it, they are worried that we may be making some headway against the Raptor persecuting grouse shooting criminals at last. They may well be aware that there is a growing trend of people who are against the driven game shooting estates and their illegal wildlife persecution and environment destroying activities.

    I wonder what happened to the greenest government ever, seems to me they just rotted away and turned into a huge compost heap !!!

  8. The London figures (60,000 intotal) are perhaps not all that disproportionate. Glasgow is 5,000 and since the population of London is about 12 times that of Glasgow it sort of ties up.
    That is not to say the spooks are not sniffing about. I think they probably are since that is the nature of the UK now and if you ruffle the feathers of the establishment then expect to be watched.

        1. Surely only a machine could be generating that many hits?..thats c.1000 a week…any computer boffins out there who could comment? – looks like there’s a computer or computer checking the site every few minutes, perhaps on a word search or the like?

          1. See my earlier post – I have a suspicion anyone looking at the site from within the Govt network is listed as Westminster. For example, when I’m at home, my location used to come up as Bath as that’s where my then ISP was based, even although I was in Scotland

            1. I am in Scotland, but my IP address is currently showing me to be in London. The location often varies wildly throughout the UK (never known it to be correct). I think that could be down to my ISP using dynamic (as opposed tp static) IP addresses which get shared among multiple users.
              If the Clustrmap statistics are based on IP location look ups they could be very inaccurate.
              Google “what is my IP address” then Google “IP address look up”. Check out your own and see how accurate it is.

  9. You don’t need to read about the ‘accidental’ monitoring of the Lawrence family to appreciate how corrupted our establishment has become. There, that me changed from a moderate retired librarian into a potential terrorist in a few strokes of a keyboard !

  10. Are you sure it wasn’t GCHQ and not Westminster? Anyway, while I am at it do take a look at this Tory government’s endeavors to introduce a proposal to prohibit the re-introduction of now extinct species back into Britain under the so called Infrastructure Bill, currently being pushed through the House of Lords by that renowned Liberal Democratic defender of public rights Baroness Kramer.

    1. If you were ever in any doubt about the need to abolish the House of Lords, then look no further than the “debates” on the Infrastructure Bill as mentioned above……a load of ignorant waffle regarding beavers and wolves….if it wasnt so dangerous to our wildlife it would make a good comedy programme. Have we really moved so little after the last 50 years of the environmental movement!!….see http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/ld201415/ldhansrd/text/140708-gc0002.htm

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