Dog dies after consuming poisoned bait

dyfed_powysA dog has died after consuming a bait that had been laced with the banned pesticide, Aldicarb.

The dog was being exercised in a popular dog-walking area in the Tanat Valley in Powys, mid-Wales, in May. It suddenly became ill and died within minutes.

Toxicology results have now confirmed the dog had been killed from ingesting Aldicarb on the body of a black-winged bird believed to have been used as a poisoned bait, probably for targeting birds of prey. A red kite was found poisoned with Aldicarb less than a mile away in March 2013 and the police believe the two incidents are connected.

Police are appealing for information and warning dog-walkers in the area to be extra vigilant.

Article in the Shropshire Star here.

16 thoughts on “Dog dies after consuming poisoned bait”

  1. So the game keepers will now say that the dog was poisoned deliberately by the “protect the raptors” crazies to get dog owners on their side.

  2. Same day a child will pick up one of these baits with tragic consequences. It appears things will have to get this bad before the government and the law take this issue seriously

  3. How many more pets have to die before the law takes action against these habitual poisoners, how long is it going to be before a child or an adult is killed by these thoughtless morons.

  4. Sadly all too familiar incident. I recall dealing with a poisoned dog case when I was a Wildlife Crime Officer. When I began my enquiries suddenly the vets bill for the dogs was paid by a third party and the complaint was withdrawn!

    I fear that one day a child will be killed by these lunatics who somehow think that leaving poison in the countryside is a good idea. Unbelievable – well almost.

  5. Poisoners, of which game keepers are the main, but by no means not the only, culprit, are the scourge of our countryside. Not too long ago a ladies pet cat was poisoned by one of these game keeper morons near Dalwhinnie in the Highlands.

  6. A few years ago I came across a dead fox on common land near where I live in Herefordshire. The contorted body and expression on its face spoke of poison. No animal, “vermin” or not, should go through agony because of the callous actions of some of those who like to think of themselves as guardians of the countryside.

    1. Sounds like strychnine, a terrible way to die, thankfully it has been banned and cannot now be purchased, its illegal to own or be in possession of it .

      1. As with many other poisons, but the gamekeepers, or their employers, still have large stashes of these banned substances, or they are still able to get it imported into this country.

  7. What is there reason for trying to kill red kites and buzzards, the ignorance of these people they should try to understand the birds habits before killing them maybe then they will learn something they didn’t know and leave them alone…… Culture if it affects humans it’s a pest .. Kill it . Brain dead morons

    1. They eat game birds ,if they were eating anything else they would be left alone, also they are very vulnerable to accidental poisioning , ie bait left out for crows and not buzzards, and secondary poisioning, ie, when a buzzard eats a dead crow which has already been poisoned, the buzzard will also die .
      It is a very sad situation, and has been going on for a very long time .

  8. I remember debating with SGA chairman on Radio Scotland when he described gamekeepers as “the doctors and nurses of the countryside”. Inelegant of me to guffaw on air.
    But you are right John, no animal should ever be made to suffer like that.

  9. STATEMENT from the SGA…..

    “We can confirm that a crack team of professional investigators have scientifically studied the FACTS of this case. We have concluded (with the permission of the factors and landowners) that as the dogs tail had not been docked, it was clearly the fault of this SSPCA”.

  10. absolute idiot who put the bait out, theres no need for it, every case is another nail in the field sports coffin, they ought to use a couple of large crow cages, crows can be very easy to take in them. Red kites are an asset to Wales not a pest, this moron deserves a good sacking, doesn’t deserve to be a gamekeeper, could do with a few stealth cams up near the bait and see what happens,

  11. But once again, this incident in May. Whether there was local publicity or not this should have been made more public much earlier?

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