Malta: Massacre on Migration

Malta Massacre on MigrationWe don’t often cover raptor persecution issues beyond the UK and Ireland, but the situation in Malta is worthy of an exception.

All this week, Chris Packham and his self-funded team are publishing video blogs about the appalling illegal shooting of birds (including raptors) that are trying to pass through Malta on their northward spring migration.

The videos will be upsetting, undoubtedly, but the situation must be addressed and Chris provides suggestions of how each of us can help.

You will notice some similarities between the situation there and the situation here.

Please visit his website (here) for further information.

11 thoughts on “Malta: Massacre on Migration”

  1. Totally disgusting. We will not even contemplate visiting Malta on holiday, purely because of their failure to combat this vile annual massacre. EVERYONE should boycott this as a destination. If we can hit their tourist trade hard enough, surely they’ll get the message, sooner or later.

    1. I have been campaigning for several decades for better legal protection for birds of prey in Britain, obviously to no avail. No doubt, most of you will be aware that last year hen harriers failed to produce any young in England, almost entirely down to illegal persecution on red grouse shooting estates.
      I have written an article on their persecution, which I have been unable to get published. Even ECOS, the magazine of the British Association of Nature Conservationists rejected publishing it on the grounds that they could not priortise it, whatever that’s supposed to mean. I decided to send a copy to Bill Oddie to see if he might raise the matter of illegal persecution of raptors on BBC television’s Springwatch – to no avail.
      Subsequently, after Bill Oddie departed the programme, I decided to try Chris Packham when he introduced the programme. This time I didn’t even get a reply, not a word. Therefore, to see Chris Packham publishing video blogs on the plight of raptors in Malta seems to me totally disingenuous. If he’s going to produce blogs on the illegal persecution of raptors, do it here in Britain. Oh, I forgot, he a celeb!

      1. Your attack on Chris Packham is completely unjustified. What is shown on Springwatch is not his decision – he’s a presenter, not part of the BBC production team.

        Chris has been a big supporter of our blog for a number of years, regularly re-tweeting our posts about raptor persecution in Scotland and the rest of the UK and Ireland. He has 90K+ followers on Twitter so he is undoubtedly helping to raise awareness of the issue here.

        His current work on Malta is self-funded, not paid for by the BBC, therefore he is free to comment as he likes.

        We should be thanking our lucky stars that there are high profile people like Chris who are willing to help spread the word.

  2. The most disgusting persecution of birds of prey in the world is that of the Amur Falcon in northern India.. It can be seen on Youtube..… Although the Maltese case is a worthy one… I can’t help wondering why Mr Packham is so quiet about the persecution of British birds of prey in the UK.. Spring Watch/Autumn Watch does nothing to draw attention to this persecution…

    1. Apart from RPS and a few of us that contribute, they are all scared of upsetting the killing estates and their servants – the gamekeepers. These estates have too many friends in high places for them to be criticised!

  3. Well done Chris Packham for his efforts. striking similarities to what is happening in Northern England and Scotland, some police helpful others a waste of time, another shooting group with the word conservation in its title doing absolutely nothing to deserve it. first words out of their representatives mouth was these people are not hunters, oblivious to the fact that to everyone else they are and his group has most to lose by not sorting the problem out. couldnt help thinking Malta looks like a retirement island for gamekeepers were they can wander around aimlessly blasting away at anything that moves the only difference I can see is that in Malta they dont get subsidies for shooting protected species

  4. Michael/Paul….Can we talk about Chris Packham and his shortcomings some other time maybe. Meanwhile, have you written to your MEP, and maybe donated to Birdlife International to help in the fight against this outrage and violation of the European Birds Directive.

    1. Hello Pete… I think it perfectly legitimate gripe.. How can you lecture other countries over wildlife persecution without getting your own house in order first? That can be seen as hypocritical.. Raptor persecution is rife in the UK and most people know nothing of it.. (even bird lovers).. How are we supposed to deal with this problem if even those people who the public listen to and respect in the media remain silent?

  5. I have written to my MEPs two have given sensible replies with support.
    Here is the UKIP response.

    Dear Andrew

    Thank you for your message but there is nothing I can do. Just before I
    became an MEP in 2004 the EU issued a directive to put a stop to shooting
    down birds of passage. This mostly happens along the Mediterranean coast as
    the birds fly North in Spring. The Directive has been almost totally

    You see, in the countries where this occurs it’s usually young men in their
    teens who shoot down these birds. It is a rite of passage into manhood and
    it is therefore a cultural thing. Result, families encourage it, as does
    the local community so there is no report to the local Police who stay
    indoors anyway. No written report or complaint means that it never took
    place at all.

    All of which simply illustrates the complete uselessness of the EU, and why
    we are still a member I do not understand.

    Yours sincerely

    Derek Clark MEP

    The office of Derek Clark MEP
    UK Independence Party
    Suite 1, Rowan House
    23 Billing Road
    NN1 5AT

  6. I was a bit lost for words for a response to this UKIP MEP when I posted but to use his words
    “All of which simply illustrates the complete uselessness of ………. ” Anagram PIKU.

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