Man arrested for attempted raptor trapping on Deeside

copfsAn un-named man has been arrested and reported to the Procurator Fiscal following an investigation into the alleged attempted trapping of birds of prey on Deeside.

The Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) now has six months in which to decide whether there’s sufficient evidence to prosecute.

This is another interesting case from Aberdeenshire – one of three from the region on the go at the moment – and we’ll be taking a special interest in this one, as no doubt will one of our blog followers who has what we’ll call a special interest in driven game-shooting on Deeside.

2 thoughts on “Man arrested for attempted raptor trapping on Deeside”

  1. A couple of times in recent years while enjoying the view from my car on the public road between Gairnshiel and Crathie (Invercauld Estate), my car has been approached by gamekeepers who, without introducing themselves, have asked me abruptly “What are you up to “. On one occasion they used their landrover to block the road in front of me. They have told me each time that equipment of theirs in the area has been getting vandalised. Apart from being treated like a criminal on a public highway by people who don’t identify themselves, it begs the question – who are the criminals here and what exactly are they up to? Is a tourist enjoying an area of natural beauty a threat that they wish to discourage?

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