Langholm hen harrier ‘Miranda’ is at Leadhills

Hen-Harrier-1 avico ltdAccording to the most recent update on the fortunes of the four sat-tagged hen harriers from Langholm, all of them are still alive.

One of them, ‘Miranda’, was at Leadhills on Wednesday 18th September (see here).

Spread the word – it might deter the harrier killers (whoever they are) if they know a lot of eyes are on them.

5 thoughts on “Langholm hen harrier ‘Miranda’ is at Leadhills”

  1. In April 2003 a group of individuals at Leadhills shot an adult female off her nest in the dark and took her eggs..using spotlamps I believe..theyt were followed back to their vehicle by an RSPB surveillance team..resulting in an unsuccessful [as usual] attempt at a prosecution.
    Those sort of people are not put off by “knowing people are watching”…we are talking about seriously determined criminals here..

    [Ed: Thanks Dave. One minor edit made]

  2. You forgot to put the “leadhills” tag on this entry for ease of tracking what goes on in that place.

    [Ed: Hello crypticmirror. We deliberately did not include the tag on this post because our tag refers to Leadhills Estate and it is not clear to us whether the bird was actually on Leadhills Estate or on neighbouring moorland owned by Buccleuch Estate that could also be described as the Leadhills area].

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