Another sat-tagged golden eagle ‘disappears’ in Aberdeenshire

mysteryWell would you believe it. Another young satellite-tagged golden eagle has mysteriously ‘disappeared’.

This time it’s a two-year-old bird called ‘Angus 33’, being sat-tracked by Roy Dennis (see here). The bird’s last known signal came from the North Glenbuchat Estate on 13th May 2013. A search was undertaken but nothing was found.

Naturally, there’s no evidence to demonstrate the eagle has been illegally killed, it’s just vanished into thin air in the same area that several other sat-tagged golden eagles have ‘disappeared’ in recent years. What a bloody mystery, eh?

Further mysteries from here include who used Carbofuran to poison a young golden eagle found in March 2011 (here), who used Carbofuran to poison a buzzard found in May 2011 (here, p.9) and who shot the short-eared owl that was found stuffed under a rock in May 2011 (here, p.6 & p.14)?

The Headkeeper of this estate was convicted of poisoning offences in 2006 (see here).

9 thoughts on “Another sat-tagged golden eagle ‘disappears’ in Aberdeenshire”

  1. I would say there’s nothing mysterious about it, just a common occurrence on the so-called “sporting estates”.

  2. Since the tagging of these birds started it has really shown up the sheer scale of the serious wildlife criminality across large parts of Scotland.

  3. So begins the legend of the Glenbuchat triangle…… The one thing about mysteries – the more mysterious things that occur, the more people there are that become curious and start looking for explanations. If any responsibility for these disappearances lies with this estate then the estate managers must be aware that more and more attention is being focussed upon them – and the truth will be found out!

      1. Are you still on target for website activation at the end of the month ?
        I await with eager interest.

          1. Thanks – looking forward to that. Anything that throws light on the dark areas that blight our countryside is most welcome. Criminals just hate being driven out of the shadows.

  4. I have just driven up the M40, I lost count of the number of Red Kites that I saw, they were extremely numerous. I drive along the A9 through the Black Isle often and seldom see any Red Kites, surely game keepers alone aren’t responsible for all these loses? as they should be as numerous on the Black Isle as they are in the Chilterns.

    We’ll soon have to go to England to see birds of prey, as Scotland is losing all of theirs, it is a national disgrace!

  5. 2008 The North Glenbuchat Estate was sold to the Marquess of Milford Haven, who began an ambitious programme of renovating Glenbuchat Lodge and its dependent properties, and improving the grouse moor.
    2010 Mrs Sole died, and the Glenbuchat Estate passed to her son David. David Sole is a renowned rugby player. He first played for Scotland in 1986, thereafter winning 44 caps, 25 as Captain. In 1990 he led the Scottish team to a famous Grand Slam victory.

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