Hand in of buzzard petition today at Holyrood

In the space of a couple of weeks in May, a petition calling for the Scottish Government not to cull buzzards reached a remarkable 23,000 signatures.

Compare this figure with the number 5,000 – this is the number of people who have so far voted for their ‘favourite’ species in Scotland’s ‘Big 5’ campaign. That campaign has been running for over two months.

Well done to Lewis Davies who set up the ‘Do not cull buzzards’ petition in the wake of Natural England’s disgusting decision to issue a licence in England allowing the destruction of buzzard nests and eggs to ‘protect’ pheasants reared for game-shooting. Well done also to the 23,000 people who agreed with him and made the effort to sign.

Today, the petition will be handed over to Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse at Holyrood. If you’re in Edinburgh and can get to Holyrood at 12.30 then come on over….

Photo (nicked from Scottish Ornithologists’ Club’s twitter page!) shows Lewis Davies handing over petition to Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse.

Lewis Davies Paul Wheelhouse buzzard petition

3 thoughts on “Hand in of buzzard petition today at Holyrood”

  1. Why has the Gov not licenced all estates,farms and all concernes connected with shooting of all kinds,with a licence fee high enough to finance real policeing perhaps some one will raise a petion to that effect

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