Third group walks out of hen harrier dialogue

HOT2The tide is turning….

The Hawk and Owl Trust has become the third group to walk out of the hen harrier dialogue process, following the recent resignations of the RSPB (here) and the Northern England Raptor Forum (here).

A full statement is expected during the week.

Well done to them – it’s good to see that this particular sham ‘partnership’ process will no longer be tolerated.

If you feel the same way, please sign and share this e-petition calling for the licensing of grouse moors and gamekeepers: sign here.

Hawk and Owl Trust website here

7 thoughts on “Third group walks out of hen harrier dialogue”

  1. It seems that very soon the only dialogue will be between the Grouse Estate owners and their gamekeepers and we all know what they will be saying, same as they’ve been saying all along, we’ll carry on doing what we’ve always done and you can do whatever you like !!! Well done Hawk and Owl Trust, lets hope that the so-called Hen Harrier dialogue process will now finally be kicked into touch where it should have been in the first place.

  2. I think the only suitable penalty that is appropiate for these crimes is land consification. This would put the onus on the landowners to take responsibility for the actions of their staff and agents. It is accepted that the gamekeepers are put under totally unaceptable pressure from their employers to “manage” their estates. The practices of the 18th century must be updated, NOW!

  3. Ian..sorry to keep singing the same old song but its important if we are to stop these crimes….the line about unacceptable pressure on the gamekeepers looks a bit feeble when its the gamekeepers own representatives who are continually denying the persecution that is taking place..and who are calling for control of predators. They are in it together. Before the SGA was set up in the mid-90s, we only heard from the landowners [Scottish Landowners Federation] on this subject, at some point it must have been decided that it would be more politically effective to have the “poor old working man” presenting their case. You cant separate them.

    1. I agree with you Dave. Most (maybe not all) gamekeepers seem to be a sadistic bunch who take pleasure in killing wildlife. As I’ve mentioned before on RPS, I was at the save the wildcat inauguration meeting in Aviemore a few years back, of which the SGA is a partner. All the gamekeepers present wanted to know from their association was “At what level will their numbers be sufficeint for us to start ‘controlling’ them again”

    2. Believe me, quite a lot of the gamekeepers enjoy killing the Raptors and don’t need a lot of persuation to keep on doing it from their employers.

  4. I agree very much with what Dave Dick says. In defence of their “position” I don’t think we should have any illusions about the extent to which there are deliberate strategies at play by landowners and gamekeepers combined. However, recent events, including the withdrawal this coming week of the Hawk and Owl Trust from the harrier dialogue process, serves to show that an increasing body of opinion is utterly fed up with the prevarication and insincerity of many involved in the shooting fraternity. Commitment to change, what commitment?

    This weekend I put out a Blog on my own site ( Hen Harriers….the lunacy must stop ) which suggests that we are as much up against entrenched attitudes linked to power and wealth, and the yearning for the return of the halcyon days of independence, limited access and such like, as deliberate acts of specific persecution. They feel “squeezed” at present and are on the back foot, hence some of the idiotic statements we’ve seen. Let’s keep it that way.

    Thanks again to RPS for its continued support and promotion of the E-petition ( over 2000 signatures this morning ).

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