Shot peregrine released back to wild after treatment

_66033291_peregrineA peregrine falcon was found with a broken wing in January – apparently it had been shot. It has now been nursed back to health and released back into the wild at the location where it was found.

According to the BBC (see here), the injured peregrine was found ‘in a field near a local shoot’ in Salwick, near Preston. Kudos to Turbary Woods Owl and Bird Sanctuary for their efforts in this bird’s recovery.

This is a good news story, in that a wild peregrine has been successfully rehabilitated and released, but disturbingly, this incident can be added to what looks like a growing trend in a different method of persecution – shooting. Has anyone else noticed this? In recent months there have been quite a few reported shootings, including golden eagles, hen harriers, red kites and buzzards. Is it a real trend or is the media just getting more savvy at reporting these incidents?

Reported poisoning incidents are dropping, of that there’s no doubt. Whether that’s a reflection of a downturn in actual poisoning incidents or simply an indication that gamekeepers are getting smarter at hiding the evidence remains to be seen. The cynical amongst us may believe that the method of persecution has simply been switched…

One thought on “Shot peregrine released back to wild after treatment”

  1. It may just be due to it being [until end of january] pheasant shooting season – the worry is that such birds may get shot during a shoot rather than during so-called “vermin” control – which means its not just keepers who are responsible here. Its not too surprising that shooters who have a criminal/”old fashioned”/overkeen – take your pick – keeper working for them, will share his views.
    I’m sure we have all heard horror stories of the blatant shooting of raptors during pheasant, partridge and grouse drives – I heard yet another such just last week..although from the past and untraceable.

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