Would you believe it, another guilty gamekeeper!

shaun_allansonAnother day, another location, another criminal gamekeeper, another wildlife crime conviction, another shit sentence.

This time it’s gamekeeper Shaun Leslie Allanson (37), convicted of crow cage trap misuse on the Blansby Park Estate, nr Pickering, North Yorkshire.

Today at Scarborough Magistrates Court, this ‘professional’ pleaded guilty to intentionally taking a buzzard using a live pigeon in a cage trap on 28 Aug 2012, and using a cage trap with a live pigeon decoy between 31 Aug and 19 Sept.

His punishment? 120 hours community service and £85 costs. Wonder if he’s a member of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation? We’ll do some asking….

There’s a fuller story in the Telegraph here.

Well done North Yorkshire Police and well done to the Natural England employee who first recognised the crow trap was being used illegally and for releasing the buzzard to safety.

18 thoughts on “Would you believe it, another guilty gamekeeper!”

    1. And how many more of these undiscovered crimes are being committed in isolated country locations? These criminals are not interested in a healthy balance of wildlife in their area of responsibility, just protecting their employers’ financial interests, whatever that means.

  1. And yet another magistrate who doesn’t take such matters seriously. When oh when will this reaction change?

  2. I’m surprised, you called Shaun Leslie Allanson a “professional”, surely you must realise that the term professional means someone who is a suitably trained, qualified and experienced person in his/her chosen craft. Obviously this man cannot be termed a professional as he does not appear to be trained, qualified or experienced, he has blatantly flaunted the law in several ways which means he cannot have been trained in the basics of wildlife protection in the first place, or he has chosen to ignore them, this in turn means he cannot be qualified as he has failed his basic training. It can only be said that the person who attempted to train him initially was probably not a professional either and has failed miserably in his duty, however, even he should have passed on the message that it is against the law to willfully persecute protected wildlife. So there is no excuse whether professional or not, he has willfully and knowingly persecuted a protected a bird of prey and the full weight of the law should have come down on him.

    120 HOURS COMMUNITY SERVICE IS PATHETIC and no deterrent whatsoever. It would be interesting to have a comment on this from the National Gamekeepers Organisation, what’s betting we don’t.

    1. As I’ve said before the RSPB, SNH & One Kind have had their day harassing gamekeepers & landowners, the Courts have to dish out lenient sentences to show that they are seen to be doing something. As I’ve said before , and I dont think you have the brains to understand what I,m saying, Bird of prey persecution has gone on for hundreds of years , and will continue to do so and the sooner you lot understand that , the better ! The RSPB, SNH, RSPCA, SSPCA are flogging a dead horse !!!

      1. Your day will come Crow Man, sooner or later the the driven grouse moors and the wilful persecution of all wildlife will just be a bad period in our history and will be looked on in horror by a more enlightened society. Unfortunately it may well be too late for the majority of our wildlife by then

  3. Sad that so little value is put on so called protected species in this country. The sentance should be appealed by the RSPB or whoever

  4. What a pathetic sentance. Why dont these magistrates realise that when a gamekeeper is caught doing wildlife crime, it is only the tip of a gigantic iceburg. Catching these criminals in the act is in itself such a remote possibility, that when one is convicted the sentance should be severe enough to deter others.

  5. Nirofo, while I agree with much of what you say, I have to point out that RPS put the word ”professional’ in inverted commas for they very reason you write about. Also ‘professional’ actually means someone who performs for a monetary reward – which this guy undoubtedly did. As for ‘Crow Man’, no doubt you come from the same mindless sect as Allanson and have the same ignorance of ecology of what makes a healthy ecosystem. And if you think we have ‘had our day’ all I can say is “watch this space”! We’ll see. And by the way, at least we ‘brainless idiots’ have the balls to use our own names – so let us see how big yours are by doijng the same – or are you too ashamed of your dirty illegal games to do so? I won’t hold my breath!

    1. Yes you are correct, go to the top of the class Mr Tony Warburton MBE, I am from the same mindless sect as Mr Shaun Leslie Allanson and I’m very proud to be. The Magistrate who handed out this paltry sentence used common sense, after all Mr Allanson DID NOT commit the crime of the century, did he ? No he didn’t.

      1. Anything else you want to get off your chest Crowman?? I salute your honesty when it comes to much of what passes for gamekeeping in this country. Makes for illuminating reading compared to the empty platitudes uttered by the likes of the SGA etc. who would have us beleive the Disney version of their trade.

  6. Think Crow man is just an Agent Provocateur, in other words, he is just stirring it to get a reaction. Basically he is an axxxxxxe.

  7. As I thought – no balls! ‘Mr Anonymous’ strikes again. Glad to learn that you agree that you know nothing about ecology and ecosytems – not that this will come as any surprise to anyone reading your comments. And by the way – Mr Allanson did indeed commit a crime – can you at least agree to that?

  8. Dont waste your breath Tony..if he is real..[and I take Stewart’s agent provocateur point..there are sad people out there who get their jollies from winding up decent folk]…hes not listening. The only thing I would like him to hear [with the exception of “youre nicked”!] is that when he lists RSPB, SSPCA and RSPCA [why he lists SNH God knows they seem to be helping the likes of him] hes not talking about some anonymous landowner but organisations who represent literally millions of supporters. Millions of decent folk all of whom utterly disagree with him and who expect the law to be obeyed or face the consequences. Thats not flogging a dead horse you hear, thats the sound of the cavalry coming..
    Watch your back Mr Crow Man, its not paranoia, everyone is out to get you.

    1. I agree with Dave and Stewart, as this buffoon is simply trying to antagonise people. He won’t answer questions put to him, so we should just ignore him or respond with one-word comments such as “idiot”, “buffoon”, “gormless”, etc.

      But considering this person is obviously encouraging criminal acts, perhaps the site owner should pass on the email address to the police and have him monitored.

      [Ed: already done, and he is now banned from this site]

  9. Thanks everybody – I fully agree that the best weapon is to totally ignore such people – but sometimes my willpower weakens in the face of idiocy!!! I’ll try harder in future!

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