Countryside Alliance nicked our text!

Well, well, well. Take a look at the Countryside Alliance’s website (see photos below) – they’ve only gone and nicked our text on the Lochindorb trial verdict, without acknowledging us as the authors!! They’ve even got ‘Copyright © Countryside Alliance’ at the foot of the page!

Seems like a breach of copyright to us, not dissimilar to the claims made by BASC last year when a video produced by the League Against Cruel Sports had to be removed as they’d included BASC footage, without permission for use (see here). The shooting press called that an ’embarrassing blunder’.

Here’s a message to the Countryside Alliance – either acknowledge where you lifted the text from, or remove it from your site. We’re flattered that you should think our blog is worthy of replication but we do not want anyone to think that we write for a shit outfit like yours.

UPDATE (17.00hrs). ‘Embarrassing blunder’ all sorted – our text now mashed up with their own.



8 thoughts on “Countryside Alliance nicked our text!”

  1. ‘Countryside Aliiance’? should be XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    [Ed: sorry Chris, that one’s verging on being defamatory]

          1. Yes, I’m not surprised to see this disgraceful “countryside” organisation resorting to XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Even though they’ve rectified the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX plagiarism, it would have been nice to see the vermin in court. They really are a vile lot and Green Sandpiper has managed to sum them up in four words.

            [Ed: thanks Marco, agree with you, but had to edit. Funnily enough, for using the same word as Chris did earlier! Funny that.]

  2. All you can say is that it’s just in keeping with the sort of underhand strokes that the rest of the rotten apples within the so-called “sporting” fraternity get up to.

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