Crap sentence for egg-theft policeman

Following on from yesterday’s news about the policeman with the illegal egg collection (see here), he’s now been sentenced.

Brace yourselves….Michael Upson received a 14-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months. He must also pay £120 in legal costs and complete 150 hours of community service.

That’ll learn him.

Watch out egg-thieving criminals, you too could cause immense damage to wildlife and get a suspended sentence. And without the benefit of enjoying a police pension.

BBC news here.

12 thoughts on “Crap sentence for egg-theft policeman”

  1. Wasn’t he a bird watcher turned rogue? It just goes to show how one mans feast is another man’s poison, it all a matter of who’s drawing the line. I personally think the sentence and the shame it brings on him won’t even begin to teach him the lesson.

  2. If he was committing these offences during the time he was still employed as a police officer and was on active duty at the time, then he should have his pension revoked. He now has a criminal record obtained during his roll as an acting officer of the law.

  3. Disgusting! No wonder that wildlife crime is so rife. Chances of getting caught – minimal, chance of going to court – almost non existent, chance of a proper sentence – no chance!

  4. 15 minutes community service for every egg taken! It must have taken longer to collect them.

    Once again the justice system demonstrates its contempt for environmental protection laws.

  5. The justice system in the UK is bordering on the ridiculous. Considering that not so long ago, a Manchester man was given a prison sentence of four months for wearing a t-shirt with an offensive slogan, then compare that to the sentence handed out here, and elsewhere where wildlife crime is concerned. There is most definitely a class-system involved with criminal proceedings in this country.

  6. It would make you embarrassed to be British – hard to lecture the likes of Malta when the wildlife laws are such a joke in this country!!

  7. Selective ignorance and corruption rises to the top of the criminal slurry tank once again…did we really expect more?

  8. What a pathetic sentence. He showed no contrition, refused to name others involved in his crimes, and lied about when the eggs were collected in the first place to ‘fellow’ police officers. Then when his ‘real’ note-books were found detailing the extent of his activities his brief claims that they were a work of fantasy. Worst of all the magistrate falls for it!

  9. And the Envionment Agency offer the threat of a £2500 fine if caught fishing without a license and BBC £1000 for not having a TV license – what a crazy world

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