Police wco earns well-deserved recognition

For the benefit of those not on Twitter…

Devon & Cornwall Police Wildlife Crime Officer P.C. Josh Marshall has received a Commander’s Commendation at the South Devon Police Awards for his work on Operation Wilderness.

According to the RSPB’s recently published 2011 Birdcrime report, Devon had the worst record for bird of prey persecution in England last year, when fifteen goshawks, peregrines and buzzards were found poisoned or shot.

We’ve previously blogged about Josh’s innovative and successful Operation Wildnerness (see here, here, here, here and here) and it’s fantastic that his efforts have been recognised at the top police level. The word we’ve most often used to describe his work is ‘pro-active’, and his approach is even more impressive when you realise his role as a Police Wildlife Crime Officer is only part-time; something he has to fit in alongside his other policing duties.

Congratulations, Josh, on your very well-earned award! Hope you don’t mind that we’ve nicked your photo from Twitter!

Josh’s blog here

6 thoughts on “Police wco earns well-deserved recognition”

  1. Fantastic work Josh. You certainly go the extra mile for wildlife – and I am sure that I speak for the majority of the puplic – we are behind you 100%.

  2. Yes, congratulations Josh. We can live in hope that someday our elected representatives will take wildlife crime as seriously as you do. Well done.

  3. Congratulations and well done. No doubt a well deserved promotion will be in the offing. Wonder if your present post would then be filled in this time of austerity. Peter Principle anyone?

  4. Thanks for the comments… I would like to thank the volunteers that also assisted with the Operation, without them this wouldn’t have been possible. They, like the you are passionate about this issue.
    Raptor Persecution also I would like to thank. The media element of the operation was a core part. It enabled the message to be spread that we were actively looking to catch those responsible.
    Pip… No promotion in the offing, not my thing I’m afraid, enjoy the PC role too much at the moment…

    1. Josh – Then you have bucked the principle and reached that happiest of all situations – a man who enjoys his job never needs to work a day in his life! Many congratulations………………….

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