Police officer guilty of egg theft

A police constable amassed a collection of 649 rare birds’ eggs by stealing from nests, sometimes while on duty for Suffolk Police, according to the BBC (see here).

Michael Upson, 52, admitting having the eggs in his possession, including those of several Schedule 1 species such as the marsh harrier. He is due to be sentenced at Norwich Magistrates Court tomorrow (Thurs).

It’s a fascinating story, described by the BBC here. He apparently kept detailed notes describing how and where he collected the eggs, including instances when he was working on nightshift. He apparently also travelled throughout the UK on his egg-thieving expeditions, if his diaries are to be believed, including to the Western Isles to help an un-named collector steal golden eagle eggs.

Following his arrest in June, Upson was suspended but he retired from the police force in August before being convicted, so he will keep his pension.

Well done to the RSPB’s Mark Thomas for leading the investigation and securing a conviction.

Good photographs in the Daily Mail here

3 thoughts on “Police officer guilty of egg theft”

  1. “Following his arrest in June, Upson was suspended but he retired from the police force in August before being convicted, and he will keep his pension”. Nice one – that’ll learn him – can’t wait for the sentence – at least he’ll be able to do his community service in his own time……………………bastard.

    1. I couldn’t agree more ! Such a shame really. On the one hand there’s the officer in Devon doing sterling work, and then we’ve got idiots like this man around.

  2. And how many local keepers did he tip off about possible raids locally re poisons and trapping of birds etc in his patch ?…It really is all totally corrupt, but obviously well within the law thoughout the whole country….and this is I am sure just the tip of the iceberg …keep digging and eventually we will really find that there’s very few estates acting within the so called law., especially here in Scotland..profit dictates all..wildlife is by the way and up till now we have to live with this but, the times they are a changing…..Bill

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