‘Barry’ the Langholm harrier is “missing”

Here’s the latest blog entry from the Langholm Moorland blogspot (link here):


The sun is shining here in Langholm, which is an incredibly rare and usually heart warming occurance, but today my heart is heavy. Sadly and all too predictably Barry (the young male hen harrier fledged from Langholm this year) has has gone the way of so many others.
Barry’s last fix was transmitted on the 2nd of October, although he was seen on the morning of 4th of October, when he was observed coming out of a roost by a raptor worker. His tag was due to transmit on the evening of the 4th, and his previous transmissions were always regular. There was no transmission then or subsequently. At this stage, we have to presume that he is dead, and it is very unlikely that there has been any transmitter failure. Most of his previous movements were associated with grouse moors. The police have been kept informed and the search for the carcass is underway and ongoing. 
We are still awaiting toxicology reports from the female Harrier Blae.
But don’t you go worrying your pretty little heads about this latest incident. There’s “no hard evidence” to suggest his ‘disappearance’ is a result of criminal activity, and anyway, the PAW Scotland partnership will have a chat about it over soft biscuits and coffee.
Fucking outrageous.
Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse’s email address: ministerforenvironment@scotland.gsi.gov.uk
First Minister Alex Salmond’s email address: FirstMinister@scotland.gsi.gov.uk
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2 thoughts on “‘Barry’ the Langholm harrier is “missing””

  1. You have to give gamekeepers credit, they are very good at their job. Although lip service is given with regard to the wildcat, they have, over the years, almost wiped it out. In parts of the country they are well on the way to doing the same with golden eagles. They are successfully manageing to stop the red kite from expanding its range not to mention all the other predators both furred and feathered.

    Of course they cannot take all the credit, government ministers, the justiciary system etc are entitled to share in this!

  2. It has now been a week since the Langholm blog was updated, so we don’t yet know if Barry’s body was recovered or not. It is also a month since Blae died and we still haven’t had the post mortem results. Considering that this project is funded by the taxpayer, why is taking so long for information to get out to the public?

    I hope I am wrong, but it does seem as though something untoward is happening.

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