Crown drops case against Edradynate estate gamekeeper

The case against Edradynate Estate Head Keeper David Campbell came to a close last Friday, after the Crown deserted the case at Perth Sheriff Court.

Campbell had been facing charges related to alleged firearms and explosives offences (see here, here and here), which he had denied.

We don’t know why the Crown deserted this case. It’s not the first time that charges against an Edradynate gamekeeper have been dropped (see the RSPB’s newsletter, Legal Eagle #43, page 3 here).

5 thoughts on “Crown drops case against Edradynate estate gamekeeper”

  1. Having just finished reading Dave Dick’s book I have to conclude that the criminal justice system (that is a misnomer if ever there was one) is unfit for purpose. More depressing is the thought that there is no real prospect of improving it.

  2. Did we really and truly expect any other outcome? The charges (and presumably evidence) seemed a little less than exacting and seemed to be of a secondary nature in any event – I am not condoning these in any way by the bye. It does seem a bit iffy tho’ – unsecured gunpowder? I’d better watch out in the run up to Guy Fawkes night then. Loose ammunition? I don’t keep my longbow and arrows in a security cabinet and in the wrong hands they would be evey bit as dangerous – for all that – how and more importantly why these offences were discovered in the first place is another question and this is not apparent from previous reports (unless I’ve missed something). Presumably ther must be some further background to this………………….he leaves the court, as they say, without a stain on his character – until the next time.

  3. I think this estate is scandalous. Read ‘Wildlife Detective’ by Alan Stewart if you want the full story on this estate. Alan Stewart is an ex police police sergeant! Astonishing read.

  4. This must cost the taxpayers a small fortune each time it happens, what an absolute sham and shame on all those involved. a complete corruption of the Legal profession

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