Langholm harrier chicks 2012: sat-tag maps online

Two chicks from this year’s hen harrier nest at the Langholm Moor Demonstration Project have been fitted with satellite tags so their dispersal movements can be monitored.

In previous years the project has failed to release most of these data to the public, even though as tax payers we’re all part-funding this project (see previous blogs here, here, here, here). We’ve all got our opinions about why we’ve been kept in the dark about these birds’ movements, especially those ones whose signals mysteriously stopped working when the birds were visiting certain grouse moors – although strangely we were allowed to view the movements of the harrier who travelled to Spain (‘McPedro’).

This year, maps showing the recent movements of the 2012 Langholm harriers have been posted on a public blog called ‘Making the Most of Moorlands’, which is written by the project officer at the Langholm Moorland Education Project (see here for maps).

It’s great to have an opportunity to follow these two young harriers. Let’s hope the maps are kept updated so we can all be kept informed.

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