Young peregrine shot in County Antrim

The Northern Ireland Raptor Study Group has sent us the following press release and photo:

‘During July a peregrine nest site, in Glenwherry, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland was the site of a gruesome discovery.

Two young peregrines were being watched over recent months in the nest and one of the chicks which had only recently flown from the nest was found dead below the cliff. X-rays have revealed the bird was shot.

The quarry owner who keeps a close eye on the peregrines alerted the Northern Ireland Raptor Study Group and condemned this event saying “I cannot believe one of these chicks which we all were watching has been shot. I appeal to those responsible to think about what they have done or come forward with what they might know and report any further information to the police”.

Jim Wells, chairman of the NIRSG and MLA was angered at yet another peregrine falcon senselessly killed. He said “Every summer it is the same – illegally poisoned or shot falcons. This has to stop. It is an absolute disgrace that anyone thinks they have justification for shooting a rare and specially protected bird.”

The PSNI are appealing for anyone, particularly in the Broughshane, Glenwhirry or Larne area, who may have information as to who is responsible for shooting this protected bird. This latest incident of raptor persecution clearly indicates that some people are still prepared to break the law risking a custodial sentence, their livelihoods and their right to possess firearms.

Anyone that has any information about this incident, peregrine persecution in Northern Ireland or any other wildlife crime should report it directly to the police or anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to bring these criminals to justice’.

The Belfast Telegraph (here) is reporting a £1,000 reward is on offer to anyone who can help catch those responsible.

The Northern Ireland Birdwatchers’ Association is suggesting that all four peregrines from this nest site (two adults and two chicks) have been killed (see here).

Thanks to NIRSG and to our Twitter followers in Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic for the information.

2 thoughts on “Young peregrine shot in County Antrim”

  1. “Clearly indicates that some people are still prepared to break the law risking a custodial sentence, their livelihoods and their right to possess firearms”. Risking a custodial sentence? Not judging by some recent posts they’re not – with judges and magistrates so out of touch with public opinion they’re not risking anything at all.

    As for their right to possess firearms – in Ulster? home of the illegal firearm?……………………well, that’ll worry them!


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