More delay in case against Inverness man accused of buying/selling raptor eggs

The long-running case against Keith Liddell, first reported on this blog in July 2011 (see here) has been continued at Inverness Sheriff Court, again.

Liddell is alleged to have bought or offered for sale 202 eggs, including those of Egyptian vultures (a listed endangered species) and tawny owls. He is further accused of having 136 wild birds’ eggs in his possession. These charges, which Liddell has denied, relate to alleged offences between 2004 – 2009. The case has dragged on and on and on with numerous hearings in November and December 2011, and in February and May 2012. The next hearing will be in June 2012.

One thought on “More delay in case against Inverness man accused of buying/selling raptor eggs”

  1. May be more should be done by some Government departments to actively highlight the threats to wildlife, particularly in hotspots where persistent wildlife crime is known about, by erecting posters or signs, asking the public to be vigilant and giving them contact details to report suspicious activity or evidence of possible wildlife crimes.

    As a researcher in animal protection I try to highlight the persecution of wildlife whenever I get the chance.
    Last year I skydived for my charity here at OneKind and highlighted the serious issues of raptor persecution in the UK. This year, at my new fundraising site, I highlight again what some people are capable of doing to our British birds and why these magnificent and in some cases misunderstood birds should be given more respect and protection.

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