Lochindorb Estate hare-snare trial begins

The trial began today against Lochindorb Estate gamekeepers, David Taylor (64) and Kevin Begg (45), who are alleged to have set illegal snares to trap mountain hares in April last year (see here for previous blog on this case).

Inverness Sheriff Court heard today from a police officer who got caught in one of the snares (see here for STV report).

This case is extremely interesting on a number of levels. One point of interest can’t be discussed until after the trial has concluded. The other main point will depend on whether the court rules that snaring mountain hares is lawful or unlawful; either way there will be wider implications for the methods available for predator ‘control’ in the uplands.

The four-day trial will resume later in July.

2 thoughts on “Lochindorb Estate hare-snare trial begins”

  1. Driving over Ferness crossing the lochindorb estate one is struck by the almost total lack of wildlife. Along all roads from the Central belt to the Moray Firth this weekend was the most startling tally of game birds that had been hit by traffic – many gamekeepers might now start trapping vehicles . On a more serious note, it just shows they overstock with relatively tame game birds.

    1. I live fairly locally and I’m also amazed by lack of Hen Harriers and Short-eared owls around Lochindorb estate area, despite good habitat and an abudance of tame grouse!!

      Changed hands recently, the current owner is making a pigs ear out of the lodge by the side of the loch, fencing everything off and blocking layby. Soon the free loch fishing will go and that will really upset the locals

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