Scottish gamekeeper jailed for poison scare

Ok, ok, so the headline is misleading but we couldn’t resist! What, you really thought that a gamekeeper had been sent to jail for a wildlife poisoning offence? Don’t be daft, this is Scotland after all!

This is the story of Scottish gamekeeper Graeme Thompson, who sparked a major scare by [falsely] claiming he’d swallowed the banned poison Cyanide, along with some razor blades, in a bid to commit suicide “in a blaze of glory” (see here for earlier blog about this).

Thompson, of Primrose Crescent, Perth, was yesterday sentenced to 25 months in jail (see report in Daily Record here).

Amazing that a gamekeeper who had falsely claimed to have a banned poison can receive a two-year & one month jail sentence, whereas a gamekeeper who has actually been convicted of using a banned poison to kill protected species has never yet been given a prison sentence! Funny old world, isn’t it?

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