Scottish gamekeeper made false poisoning claim

A Scottish gamekeeper from Perthshire sparked a major health scare and forced the closure of part of the city after claiming he’d eaten the banned poison Cyanide, according to newspaper reports today.

Perth Sheriff Court heard the bizarre case yesterday, when 29-year old gamekeeper Graeme Thompson of Primrose Crescent, Perth, admitted depriving the public of emergency service workers last November by [falsely] claiming he had swallowed razor blades and cyanide. The large-scale operation to isolate Thompson (for fear of him contaminating hundreds of nearby residents) reportedly involved six police vehicles, 14 police officers, eight ambulances, seven paramedics and seven specialist medics.

Thompson has been remanded in custody pending sentence and the case was continued for the preparation of social work reports.

The Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association were quick to make a public statement to confirm that Thompson was not one of their members (see here).

STV news report here    Scottish Sun report here

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